A roommate is a life survival kit


Having a roommate is a love hate relationship. You might get irritated when they snore like a wild beast but you also can’t sleep without them. You might get bored seeing their face all the time but they are the first ones you look for when you return to your pg/flat. Sharing your space with someone poses some limitations to your privacy and can be difficult, but even Monica had Rachel. Here are some reasons why roommates are frickin’ great:

1). It’s good for your pocket.

Having a roomie can be good for your financials. You split the bills on groceries, daily needs, rent, maid, food, on almost everything. You can have more money in your pocket to spend on leisure like going to parties on a Saturday night, chilling in champa gully in monsoon evenings, booking an Ola in hot Delhi afternoons.

2). They will become your family.

The more time you spend with your roomie, the more you’ll get to know each other. You will understand what makes them happy, what annoys them, what are their deepest secrets and so will they. Eventually, they will become your home away from home. Now you know why Chandler and Joey were best pals?

3). You’ll only have to do half the chores.

With a roommate, you will only have to do half of the housework, and probably none, if your roomie is someone like Monica who absolutely looooves cleaning. You can take turns on cooking, doing dishes, cleaning and laundry.


You won’t get bored of eating the same food cooked by you. You can have food cooked by your Masterchef roomie or can even cook together. Believe us, you can do better than Maggi. And let’s not forget about the jugaadu cake they are gonna make for you on your birthday, might not be the tastiest, but surely will be the special-est!

5). You will feel safe.

Imagine how scary it would be to stay all alone in an empty, dark apartment, especially at night. And, what if there is a lizard in the bathroom? Horrifying, right? So, having someone to hold onto while you watch Annabelle together seems like a much better idea.

6). Their friends will become your friends.

You will get to meet cool people and make some awesome friends. What if joey hadn’t stayed with Chandler? We would have never got the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S. squad. Not just friends, you might find some ‘extra-friendly’ people. Yes, you got it, right! ;)

7). You can exchange fashion.

You can exchange wardrobes and try out new fashion. Going on a date with your girl but don’t have a decent shirt, no issues, your roomie has. Problem solved! Kyuki  jot era hai vo mera hai, jo mera hai vo tera.

Your roommate will become your best friend sooner or later. You’ll always have someone to talk to. You have a annoying co-worker? Talk to your roomie. Your friends are being mean? Talk to your roomie. You have to complete an assignment? Steal your roomie’s. You feel sick? You got your roomie.

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