A text that changed a lot for me


Yes, you read it right. A simple text on WhatsApp from one of my friends telling me to apply for the post of a content writer is what changed a lot for me, landed me between some of the brightest minds and talented individuals that I have ever worked with. There have been obstacles and there have been some acknowledgements but throughout all of this one thing that has remained constant is the sheer amount of patience that Bharat has shown with all of us and that right there is one of the biggest qualities of an exemplary leader.

I can sing praises of this organization for a good amount of time, after trying my hands on business development and marketing internships in the past where all I had to do was to get a certain number of likes and registrations on an app. This was finally a refreshing breeze, something much more structured and professional. Working in a team and then having a team work under me has truly been a remarkable and knowledgeable experience. In this short span of 40 days I have curated lot of important skills that are surely going to help me with my future endeavors. Working here never seems tiring, monotonous or uninteresting and that’s probably because of the kind of environment that Bharat and Rajat have been successful in creating. Every new article that we work on, every time someone comes up with a new idea or suggestion brings excitement to the entire team and only a few organizations are able to do that.

Working with people of your own age makes you feel a lot more comfortable than working in traditional organizations, where it almost feels like you’re working on a college project or presentation. You make friends, you get to know and learn from them and it’s all amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and can’t wait to see what Houseitt has in store for me next!

Sanchit Gupta
Content Marketing Associate

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