All About Hansraj


22nd May 2019 - The day I took my last ever exam at Hansraj College. It was the day when all those 3 years came back to my mind and made me feel the saddest I could ever have been about leaving the college.

Having graduated with B. Com (Hons.) from Hansraj College, those 3 years have been the best part of my life.

The first day of my college, I entered into the class looking worried as to what might happen, what kind of friends I will get there, how would my seniors treat me etc et cetera and an endless stream of nervousness & questions popping in my mind. Our seniors entered into the class while we were waiting for our unknown professor to come. Everyone had heart in the mouth. "Shit! What will they make me do? Not something embarrassing, please! PLEASE!" They started by asking a few of us to give our intro in pure Hindi. Damn, that's easy. Then time for some acts. After 3 or 4 of such acts, my turn came. I was told to enact a scene from Sholay. Ahhh, I could get through it. It ended out pretty well and no sort of embarrassment came to me. Phew!! After all this, our seniors had casual discussions with us and frankly speaking, they were nothing what I had imagined them to be. A pleasant experience, indeed!

Getting into the Commerce Society brought a whole new world in front of me. Those 3 years in the society gave me such a varied experience with my seniors, juniors and peers that it was seriously more than what I could have asked for. At Hansraj, there are over 8 amazing societies you can choose from.