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Hindu college is one of the most esteemed academic colleges in the country. It was founded in the year 1899 by Late Shri Krishan Dassji Gurwale. One of the premieres, Hindu College is the most top-ranked college in India for Humanities, Science and, Commerce stream through the completed courses provided by the college with the best faculty available. It has some of the very famous notable alumni such as Imtiaz Ali, Arnab Goswami, and Arjun Rampal.

The college has been distinguished into red-coloured new and old buildings, giving aesthetic vibes to the campus. The classrooms are well furnished but they aren’t air-conditioned (only a few classes in the old building are air-conditioned). Apart from this, there is building and floor wise distinguish for various departments. Recently, the auditorium of the college has been renovated and it’s very spacious and large to gather a lot of people at one time. There is a single multi-level library in the college.

The college is famous for its cafe called “Pam" where students can have bites of pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. There is a separate canteen in the college as well. Besides, there are many more hangout places in the college to provide instant relief from lectures. Students can escape to the Acad block, which is a concrete area, to sit and chill with friends. There is also a sports complex near this block, where students usually play football, basketball, or volleyball, this is followed by an indoor gym. There is also a famous Eco balcony on the first floor in the economic department and Bharat Ram Centre where college exhibitions take place, once or twice a year.

The most exciting part about this college is the societies. The college has some exemplary societies that offer many opportunities and completes the ultimate college dream of a student. “Ibtida”, the drama society, “Srijya”, the choreography society, “nakshatra”, the fashion society, “Arambh”, the western dance society, and “Alankar”, the Indian classical society are few of the most acknowledged societies of the college.

For students who are interested in politics and social welfare, they can also participate in college elections and join parliament. The position of the prime minister and member of opposition are decided every year through a transparent voting system.

For hanging out with friends, outside the college campus, the students usually go to Tom Uncle for mouth-watering maggie or the Sudhama Tea Stall. Cafes in Kamla Nagar and GTB Nagar are also the places to go nearby.

To reach college, VishwaVidyalaya is the nearest metro station. From the metro station to college, the students can take a 5 min auto ride.

Nearby accommodations are available in Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar at affordable prices ensuring the safety of girls. There are full-time water and electricity supply in these areas, providing a comfortable stay for the students.

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