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Joining Lady Shri Ram College was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I still remember the time when I was in a dilemma to choose between Hansraj College and Lady Shri Ram College.

But my father luckily came to my rescue and he helped me in making a sane choice that I till date feel thankful for and will do so till the last breath of my life. He simply said one thing, “LSR is definitely ranked a notch higher than other colleges and look at the alumni base of both the colleges and decide accordingly which one do you want to be”.

Basically, LSR is the best college for arts at DU with maximum fees for each course less than 14k and not more. So, I decided to be part of this prestigious college.

Talking about my first year at LSR; first two months into the college i.e. till September, you'll be attending various cultural society's orientation and thereby applying and interviewing for them. I would suggest each and every incoming student to sit through these orientations and try to understand what does a cultural society entails. Trust me, this will make your college life amazing and keep you busy with interesting stuff.

After that our normal routine started where you are expected to attend each and every classes that to with weird timings. My day in college starts with attending first lecture at 8:30 in the morning and till 4:00 in the evenings. Attendance is strict, here at LSR. But someday or other we keep on having fests for different departments.

LSR has a beautiful, clean and green campus. We guys sit and chat for hours in our back lawns. Hostels in LSR are called in Residence hall and canteen is called cafés. LSR in total has 4 cafés to have yummy food.

Being in LSR, we do face some drawbacks like, we have to carry our I-D card daily or else we are not allowed to enter the college. We can’t let our friends enter the college like other DU colleges. LSR is not a part of DUSU elections. And professors are extremely strict with the routine and the course.

Even after so many good or bad things, I would say, I am a proud student of LSR and I love my college life.

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