BA in Political Science (Hons)


Art programs at Delhi University are very popular among students all over the country. Courses such as English (Hons), History (Hons), Hindi ( Hons), etc attract thousands of students from all over the country. Out of these courses, one such course that becomes the center of attraction among the students is political science (Hons). Political science (Hons) offers the learner deep knowledge and a more detailed understanding of the forces operating on people, communities, corporations, and the most important government and politics in the country. Mainly students from arts background pursue this course for their under-graduation.

Being one of the most popular courses, the cut-offs are usually very high for this particular course. Although the minimum criterion needed to get admitted into this course is a 10+2 or equivalent degree from a recognized institution with an aggregate of 50% marks. Political science (Hons) is a 3-year under-graduation degree, many prominent colleges of Delhi University offer this course such as Hindu College, Miranda House, Ramjas College, Gargi college Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, and many more.

During this course, the students study the social, economic, political life of people, nationally and globally as well as on advanced levels. The subjects offered during this course are as follows-

Government in India, Political theory debates and concepts, The theory of administration, Global Politics, International Relations, Feminism theory and practice, Contemporary political economy, etc.

If you are opting for political science (Hons) in your under-graduation then you are also opening plenty of career options in your life. Career options such as being a part of a foreign embassy, government jobs in public administration areas, you can also choose law for further studies, you can also go for MA in political science from a good college and pursue a PHD as a researcher and become a professor in a good recognized college or university, and lastly, you can pick U.P.S.C as your career option where political science as a subject holds the massive base for learning and cracking this exam.

Politics affects every aspect of human lives including the availability of jobs, education, healthcare, etc. Political Science is a very distinguished subject and helps to develop good skills and enhance knowledge in political regions.

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