Basics for Google Forms


One of the most famous and best ways to get some information on an issue, conduct surveys, or to open the application in something is through online forms on the internet.

Google has added one more service in its online app suite and it is the ‘Google forms’. Along with Google docs, Google sheets, Google slides etc., Google forms has also emerged as one of the best services available on the internet.

Google started its forms services in 2008 with basic but complete facilities like linking the form with Google sheets, altering the data of forms through sheets and having a separate sheet for responses. Gradually, Google added more features in this and one can check the latest version at docs.google.com/forms.

When to make a Google form-

Google forms can be used for multiple purposes.

1). For conducting a survey - A survey is conducted for Research work by individuals or group of individuals.

2). For conducting a quiz - An online quiz can be easily conducted using Google forms with all the useful tools available in it.  Google provides a special ‘Quiz mode’ in google Forms which enrich the experience of organising a quiz in Google forms. With that enabled, you'll see a new Answer Key button on the bottom left of each question. Click it, then select the correct answer for the question.

3). For registrations/recruitment – one can use the Google forms to open registrations for some event or recruitment.

4). As a feedback mode - Google forms can be used for taking feedback to customers or audience.

Besides these, there are many other small and large tasks for which Google forms are extremely useful.

Steps to make a Google form -

I. Go to forms.google.com or you can go to the application or web page of Google docs > File > New > Form.

II. A new form will openYou can either choose a template or a blank form according to your needs.

III. Next step is to format and edit your form using tools available like-

1.   Add a question-

  • Click Add(+)
  • To the right of the question title, choose the type of question you want.
  • Type the possible responses to your question. To prevent people from not answering, turn on Required.

2. Add an image/video-

  • Click a question or answer.
  • To the right, click Add image Insert image.
  • Upload or choose an image.
  • Click Select.

3. Add a new section –

  • Click Add Section Section.
  • Name the new section.

4. Reuse questions from previous forms-

  • At the right of your form, click Add question Add question and thenImport questions Import questions.
  • Click the form with the questions you want to import and thenSelect.
  • On the right, click the box next to each question you want to add.
  • Click Import questions.

How to customize your Google form-

  • Click the colour palette icon in the top right of the form to modify your design. You can choose from 15 colours, each a darker colour for the header with a complimentary background shade.
  • By default, new forms come in purple, while template forms often include an image.
  • Click the photo icon to select a photo or Google Doodle-style drawing from Google's library as your form's header photo. Forms will then automatically select a background colour that matches your photo.


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