Best Hangout Places to Explore in North Campus

College is the one stop shop for all kinds of entertainment and experiments in this country. After a tiring year of boards, the headache of finding a good college and then finally getting one...the journey can be pretty exhausting. But the destination is undoubtedly worth the efforts. Delhi University North Campus is just as prestigious as the hype is, brimming with over enthusiastic students, yummy food and the best places to hangout. Be it for the historic element, or just a fun day out with your pals, the campus provides all sorts of spots. Here's a list of the favourite campus spots that you should not miss:

Kamla Nehru Ridge

The Ridge Park or better known as 'Bonta' is the best place for cycling and has a beautiful jogging track. This place provides a temporary escape from the city life with it's picturesque woods. You can always find a group of 'adventurous' friends goofing around like monkeys with the monkeys, and there definitely is a lot of 'sight-seeing' to do here.

Delhi School of Economics and Sudama Tea Stall

The D-School is the hub for the most intellectual conversations in the campus. A bunch of people sitting around and having serious political discussions is not the rarest sight here. With the most serene ambience, enjoying the lip-smacking food from the canteen under the trees is one of the best ways to spend your evenings in campus. The library here is also one of the best that the University has to offer. And one can not ignore the Sudama Tea Stall, right outside Ramjas where even finding a place to stand is a task during late evenings.

VC Lawns

Away from the noise, this is the place for you if you've had a tiresome day at college, or between classes when you have short breaks. With little bundles of joy in the form of puppies, people are usually seen here lazing around with friends and enjoying the sunset.

Kamla Nagar

What Sarojini Nagar is to the South Campus students, Kamla Nagar is to us. From street shopping, bargaining, food-hogging, to a casual stroll, Kamla Nagar is one of the most crowded and most loved places in campus. One can find anything here, at very cheap prices and this market never disappoints the always-broke students, for it has something for everyone.

Khooni Jheel

Supposedly haunted, this lake in the deep midst of the Ridge is one of the best places to find in campus. It is known as the Khooni Jheel because during The Revolt, it turned red from all the blood that was shed here. It is one of the most difficult places to search for, because of the overgrown bushes and trees, but the sight is breathtakingly beautiful. If you're a campus student, you should visit the Khooni Jheel at least once.

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