Stop wandering around to find a perfect body. Being beautiful doesn't mean having a beautiful body. Instead beauty is more about having a kind heart and a positive mind. When we meet someone for the very first time, our mind quickly gets impressed by the way the person looks. But in the next minute, what matters most is the person's behaviour and his perspectives.

People get attracted towards the positive energy reflected by a person and not towards his/her looks.
Hence, this justifies the famous saying - Never Judge a Book by Its Cover.
Body positivity and healthy body should be synced together for a successful life.

If you are too skinny, or too fat, or having so much acne on your face, or having white hair at a younger age, or handicapped in any way, or the victim of acid attack, then just Accept The Way You Look.

Don't get depressed by comparing your body looks with others'. Appreciate your flaws if you can't change the way they are. Being body positive means you are accepting your body at its face value and not cursing yourself for your looks.

Just remember, You Are Unique in Your Own Ways.
You might not have one hand, but your other hand is the King. Don't underestimate the power of your other body parts just because you lack perfection in one part.

Stop listening to others' harsh comments and hurting yourself based on what they think. They don't have any idea about the hard time you have been through, so just ignore them.

'Unconditional Self-Acceptance Is The Key To A Peaceful Life'.

If you are confident about your looks, then you will definitely instil the same confidence in others one day and they will actually appreciate your positivity towards your body looks.

But don't mix body positivity with healthy body.
If you are having some problem with body and you know there is a cure to that problem, then don't wait to drive towards making your body healthier.

In case you are highly obese, then consult a dietitian who can prepare a healthy diet chart for you to alter your nutrition intake.

Also engage yourself in some physical activities or practice some exercises to lose your weight and boost your body image.

“Body Is an Instrument Not an Ornament ". Don't devalue yourself if you can't improve your body size or image even after a number of constant efforts. Don't let yourself be occupied with negative comments and don't overthink about your body flaws.

People usually get depressed because of their imperfect body image. Since they get stuck with the people's harsh judgements, they think that people will make fun of their imperfections and will reject them at every step. This fear of rejection cost them their mental health and peace of mind.

Self-love can be something which is easy to talk about but not so easy to practise in our real lives. But still, it should always be the first love on your list.

The only solution to this problem is to know your worth and Respect Your Flaws since “BEAUTY LIES IN IMPERFECTION”.

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