They say that beauty lies in a pure heart but then why do they judge a person based on their colour? Why does the complexion of a person matter so much? Why fair is treated as the superior race while black is considered inferior?

India, a democratic country where discriminating people on the grounds of skin colour is a crime, still witnesses a large number of cases where people with dark complexion are mistreated and deprived of equal opportunities. It is a general belief that being fair is a sign of beauty, prosperity, and power. The Indian society is so highly obsessed with skin tones that it keeps on hunting ways to lighten their skin colour in order to look more beautiful.

But external beauty doesn't hold any importance if you lack your inner beauty.

Racism in the name of colourism has a detrimental impact on the mindset of today's youth, which is evident by the way they treat the dark complexed people. The brown and the black students are usually bullied for their skin tone by the “fair” students. This makes the dark-toned students feel excluded and alone. The dark complexed girls are even forced by their friends and family to apply makeup to look beautiful because they believe that the fairer you are, the better you will be treated by society.

Bollywood and social media have played a major role in taking forward the misconception "If you are fairer, you are beautiful, you will be admired the most and you belong to a prestigious society". This means that if you have a dark complexion, you will be trolled and mocked for your skin tone.

For instance, recently, when news came that Hardik Pandya had proposed to Natasa Stankovic, the social media kept on trolling him for days because the couple has a huge difference in their skin tone. A lot of memes went viral boasting the gross concept of colourism.

This has further added to the misery of dark complexed people. Restricting themselves to a limited number of people, they become introverts and stop sharing their problems with anyone. This breaks them even more from the inside and they keep facing the discrimination silently. They hide their insecurities from their close ones, also because they get scared by the thought of getting judged again. This gives rise to depression which can take away someone's life.

This has to stop. The rules made by the government authorities cannot change the traditional mindset of the people until and unless the society itself understands that a person's worth is not represented by his skin colour but by his soul and actions. No one can deny the fact that for the past few years, there has been a considerable reduction in this discrimination but the job is not yet done as it has not been fully eradicated from the minds of the people.

Social awareness and education regarding "End the colourism discrimination" can help to improve the situations of the coloured people in India. They should be given equal respect and opportunities as the white toned people. If today's youth takes a step towards ending racism, they can help the dark complexed people to stand with pride and can help them achieve the equal status that they deserve in society.

Amid the protests against racism, "Fair & Lovely" has recently decided to drop the word “fair” from its brand name. Such steps can help to change the mindset of the people. Improving your skin texture is one thing and improving your skin tone is another thing. One should understand the difference between the two. Black lives do matter since being born black or white is an inbuilt feature by birth and not a person's fault. It doesn't matter if you are black or white or brown, if you are adding value to the society, you deserve its every respect and honour.

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