Delhi Metro- the lifeline of every DU student


The life of an average college student revolves around their classes, assignments, Chai, and most importantly, travelling in a metro. With people coming to study from all over India, to start fresh in a new city can be stressful. The Delhi Metro at least solves one of the many problems that these students face. Their travel expenses are cut down hugely. Life without the metro would be too hard or more specifically, too expensive for us all to imagine.

Apart from saving an insane amount of time and money, the Delhi metro station provides us with daily entertainment. You meet tons of people every single day but some characteristics remain constant.

There is 'the nerd' refusing to look up from their book, 'the judgemental aunty', 'the prick', and most commonly there is that one person who would jump as soon as they see an empty seat, even if it is miles away.

The Delhi metro station has very wide connectivity and range which makes the life of a student much easier. It helps us complete the journey of an hour or so in a few minutes saving us from the 24×7 Delhi traffic. Not only does it serve the satellite cities of Faridabad, Ballabhgarh, and Bahadurgarh, it also interchanges with the Rapid metro of Gurugram and Noida.

The stations also have 'Yulu bikes' available right outside them, which make the evenings more amusing by providing students with a cheap and fun conveyance. These bikes have become widely popular in a very short period and are a great way to hang out with your buddies.

With twelve colour-coded lines, Delhi Metro is the largest metro station in India as of now. It is there for the rescue of tons of people by serving 285 stations. Moreover, it is relatively safe due to its tight security, and because of it being crowded all the time.

Chandni Chowk, Huda City Centre, Vaishali Metro, and Rajiv Chowk are four of the busiest and the most crowded stations in Delhi. They are so flooded with people that even if you don't move an inch on your own, you would be pushed in and out of the metro, very easily.

Along with transportation, the metro station offers everything from food to tempered glass at a minimal price range. It is more than a metro station, it is where people; hang out, gossip, and more often than not, become a part of each other's lives. The Delhi metro might have 12 lines to travel from but without a doubt, it is the only life-line for the students of Delhi University as it makes their hectic schedule, a little easier to survive.

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