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Delhi University provides you the best niche to showcase your talent and polish it further. Societies are one of the important factors that make college life memorable. To groom you in every sphere, Delhi University gives you are wide variety of societies to indulge in extracurricular along with providing premium education.

Societies provide you with ample exposure to the world. Basically, students interact with other scholars of the same stream, such as students of B.Com Hons will probably make friends with the students of their class. However, societies will help to interact with people outside your stream, widen the range of the network and sharpen your skills. If you have a hobby, DU Societies gives it wings.

The Dance society

The dance societies are often classified into those for folk dances and those for western styles. Each college society is remarkable in their own way and caters to different dance forms. If you love to dance, this is something that will surely make your college life memorable.

Dance is something you do even if you do not know how to do it! The beats of the music can make you move and sway and get you down on the dance floor even if you absolutely no idea how to dance. Your body responds to music naturally, if you let it.

The Dramatics Society

You will find maximum students being a part of this acting thing nowadays. It is great to watch such real and amazing talent in fests.
A lot of students are amazing in acting and might have been a classic actor behind closed doors but performing in-front of complete strangers is something they dread. The drama society here will help you gain that confidence. So yes if you are interested in this acting genre, then you should go for the drama club. And who knows you might find your life taking a whole new turn.

The Fashion Society

Everyone has a unique style. Delhi University, where the new trends first hit the country, fashion societies are very popular. For all those girls and guys who think they have fashion sense or have a knack for it, fashion societies are your thing. If you follow trendy outfits and style, then there is nothing to be shy about; it is good to go with the latest fashion and walk together with new and creative things. If you want to be a part of the fashion industry and want a career in this field, you should definitely give this society a chance.

The Literature society

Students who are interested in language, literature, debating and putting up their voices or opinions will find a welcoming place in DU's literature societies. You can learn more and be trained here for your future if you want to pursue a career in a literary field.

The cherry on top is that those who are active members of societies need not worry about their attendance because college backs up cultural societies and gives them the provision of ‘extra-curricular activities’ or ECA’s.

The DU Fest is the place where all of these societies perform against different colleges, and where you get a chance to explore and experience the audience -- something you might never get a chance to do later. Societies can help in successfully changing an introvert student to an extrovert. Don’t be shy as everyone around you is as clueless as you are. These societies are made by people of your age group and you are the one who will take it forward.

In the future, you might just become a banker or a doctor or an entrepreneur with little to no free time to explore your other talents. This is your chance to showcase your skills in front of others and know where you stand in comparison. Go grab it and be a part of any society because you all are made of a million dreams and you deserve to live each one of them.

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