Easy decorating ideas for pg or home


A home or a room is a habitat which provides a sense of belongingness, privacy and protection. It’s a place from where we leave every morning and to where we return each evening.

So, decorating a room and making it comfortable plays a vital role in our lives.
When it comes to adorning a room, minimization is the key because simple and sober is ample.

If you are a learner, living in a PG or a hostel room that becomes your home, your room doesn’t need to look lit or full of drama since the priority should be work or study. But at the same time, it should make you feel at home. It should be pleasing to one’s eyes.

From a simple color of the wall to the position of the bed, it can all make a huge difference to anyone’s mood. Keeping your furnishings low-key instead of keeping it too fancy can be a viable as well as a good option.
You have thousands of ways to embellish your room. Colored and basic drapes are the best way to intensify the beauty.

You can even take assistance from DIYs available on various platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, etc. They can provide you with thousands of ideas which definitely won’t cost you a big amount.
Having a window in your room can be like a cherry on the cake. Fresh air will leave you with a relaxed mind. You can place a study table near the window with a small table plant on it.

You can make a wall of bucket list or wall of intents where you can hang pictures related to your goals or Polaroid pictures with your friends can also be a great idea. You can go for a garland with some really cute fairy lights.

Adding your family pictures in your PG is a must as living far away from your actual home can get a little difficult. It will make you feel more connected to your family and give more home-like vibes.

You can also enhance the beauty by using wall posters which could be of your favorite movie/show or something motivational.
DIY bed canopy with fairy lights to have a decent nap and a good photo shoot spot is something you can think about.
Well, how can we not think about lampshades if we are planning on accessorizing our room? Lampshades are an excellent option for decorating your space. You can find a good range of pocket-friendly lamps online as well as in markets nearby.

Adding these little things to your room can make a huge difference. After all, who doesn’t like to live in a space which is well designed and comfortable?
If you are concerned about your budget, then DIY is the best choice or you could also look for budget-friendly decoration items for your new home.
As they say, the space you live in directly affects your mental health, and having positive mental health should be the ultimate goal.

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