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We keep marking our time the whole year for those one and a half- two month long much needed summer breaks.

We start making plans about all the fun things that we’ll be doing during those breaks.

We make a list of movies and shows that we will watch. We make a list of places we will be visiting. We make a list of all the creative things that we will do.

Somehow, the break duration always feels so less and we’re unable to complete even half of those planned things.

But, why do we always blame the (not so) short duration of the summer breaks?

 Why are we so engrossed in all the unproductive stuff that we always forget about all the actual fun things that we can learn and add to our skills?

One such skill that everyone should be well-versed with is our new found love, MS-Excel!

Excel, You Excelled at our hearts…

Learning new things has its own sets of perks which brings success and helps you become a better version of yourself.

People grow holistically when they start learning new things; it adds icing on the cake to your personal growth. Sometimes it just hones the previous skills, other times it introduces you to new colors of life.

How the skill of Excel became our love is no mystery. Let us dig in a little further and know about what exactly is the need of a spreadsheet software.

MS-Excel has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. In business, literally, any function in any industry can benefit from those with strong Excel knowledge.

Excel is a powerful tool that has become entrenched in business processes worldwide, whether for analyzing stocks or issuers, budgeting, or organizing client sales lists.

Microsoft Excel is an indispensable tool for any business!

Schools and colleges have taught us enough about MS-Excel and we’re quite clear about the basics. But basics won’t work in the corporate world. Advanced knowledge to some extent is required. But the tough part is that we’re too busy to take out time and learn it.

We somehow got a hold to treasure. Treasure! Yes, you heard it right, real treasure!

We want to share this treasure with you so that you could make a good use of summer breaks and these lockdowns during the pandemic. We have listed 5 simple tricks that will make you fall in love with Excel like we did and make you an expert at MS-Excel.

Basic Excel tricks - Business Insider

1). Navigate Excel like a pro. 

Sure, a mouse and a trackpad are standard fixtures on most modern desks. But if you want to really supercharge your use of Microsoft Excel, learn keyboard shortcuts. For instance, holding down Ctrl+Shift while tapping the up, down, left, or right arrows will select every cell all the way to the end of the sheet. 

Keyboard Shortcuts | Essay Writing Tips | The Nature of Writing

Flip through worksheets by holding Ctrl while pressing either Page Down or Page Up. Turn a range of numbers into currency, complete with a dollar sign and two decimal places, by pressing Ctrl + Shift + $ at the same time. You can also turn a number into a date (day, month, and year) by pressing Ctrl + Shift + #

Copy Excel chart into PowerPoint or Word • AuditExcel.co.za

2). Insert Excel data into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

If you’ve ever tried this before, you might laugh. But transferring data from a spreadsheet to a text document is possible. Just be careful to click the clipboard that shows up after you paste to decide whether you’d like to keep the original Excel formatting or have the pasted data match the format of your existing Word or PowerPoint document.

3). Turn columns into rows (or vice versa).

If you have data organized into columns that needs to be converted into rows (or the other way around), don’t worry. Copy the original block of cells, then right-click on the destination cell and select Paste Special, then Transpose.

How to add subtotals and total row in a table in Excel?


4). Add a summary row to a table.

You can add a summary row to a table in the Design ribbon (using Windows) or the Table ribbon (on a Mac) by checking Total Row. You can then choose from a variety of summary statistics: not just total sum but total count, average, standard deviation, more. Placing the info in a total or summary row means it’s attached to your table but will stay in the bottom row regardless of how you then might choose to sort your table data. This can serve as a huge timesaver if you’re doing lots of data exploration.

5). Hide data in protected worksheets. 

If you want to share some data with other users but not all of it, consider hiding it. The easy way is to right click and select the Hide function. But you can be even safer by using the Format Cells function by clicking Home > Font > Open Format Cells > Number Tab > Custom > Type. That way, your data can stay truly safe.

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