Fear of occurrence of exams?? Not if you are prepared the right way!


Has it been almost two months since you last had a view of your books? Has this nationwide lockdown taken a great toll on your studies and academic progress during this semester. Are you reeling in the series of ongoing doubts and uncertainties regarding the occurrence/ non-occurence of exams. Well, if it's Likewise, we have got some interesting takeaways for you from this article. We're sure that you'll not regret glancing and it'll surely take you deep in your current state of affairs and give you valuable insights as to how you can start afresh and ensure that you are well prepared for whatever is ought to follow.

With almost all the colleges and academic institutions of Delhi University, announcing temporary suspension of academic activity in mid-March,unfortunately since then, a series of lockdown have completely altered the scenario. Students are facing adaptability issues, undulating net connection and lack of technological know-how to get themselves acclimatised to the existing state of affairs.

Not only has adaptation been a problem, but the overall productivity during lockdown has taken a great hit. With prevailing uncertainty, students have procastinated uptaking of regular classes, formulation of notes and keeping up with class progress which has ultimately led to disturbance in the entire curriculum. Also amid the rising tensions of exponential rise in the number of Covid-19 cases and flurried restrictions during lockdown, students have not been able to completely focus on their academics thus tarnishing their progress.

Though the uncertainties about conduction of exams still prevail, it's important for students of the university to keep up with their syllabus. This is because the university has not given a definite decision about the conduction of exams and it's likely probable that the exams may commence to take place from the early weeks of July. In this sense it's imperative that we start with our besieged academic progress in bits and pieces and ultimately get to the flow and make ourselves ready for the scheduled examinations in addition to adding something to our toolbox of knowledge thereby gaining valuable insights to multifarious meticulously designed academic concepts.

Irrefutably accepting the fact that it's difficult to study in the same pace and manner as we usually do owing to the prevailing circumstances, it's nevertheless Important that we devise a befitting routine that'll help us to keep up with our studies. In this regard a healthy mix of exercise, meditation, developing a skill, exploring a hobby and spending quality family time will act as an aid in helping one be more productive in academic grounds due to development of a positive mental framework.

Let's understand each of the mix in detail and how will it ultimately help in developing optimistic mental framework thus ensuring better productivity.

Firstly, exercise. It's well said that exercise does to the body what reading does to the mind. A healthy mix of freehand and cardiovascular exercises will help you train your body and keep it active and energetic throughout the day. It'll help you shudder all types of squeamishness and enable you to focus and concentrate more on everything you engage yourself in.

Secondly, meditation. Mediation is called the external training tool for your mind. A healthy and regular meditation regime enables you to get closer to your soul, discover your inner self and helps you find inner peace. Experts have suggested mediation to be the panacea of all psychological ills and problems. In this free time with lesser adherence to strict metabolic routine, trying hands in meditation will help you in achieving the aforementioned in addition to ensuring all round productivity.

Thirdly, developing a skill or exploring a hobby are somewhat synonymous. It's the best time of life to enable you to get a hands on experience to something additional to the pre-set curriculum. It can be getting engaged in anything unfamiliar like cooking, gardening, book reading, addon courses etc. This will give you the feeling of being productive each day thereby enabling you to be more directed and focused as a result of lesser and reduced instances of indulging in self guilt.

Lastly, amid all the odds and prevailing conundrums it's a blessing and an excuse to be with your family. Spend quality time each day by watching a show together or playing something enmassed will help you in strengthing family ties and make you feel innately happy and contented. This will ensure a greater degree of Focus in any activity of engagement.

Though none of the aforementioned activites are individually conclusive, experts suggest that a health balance between all of them have enabled people in getting through this period of multifarious restrictions and mental challenge thereby ensuring greater productivity. We at HouseItt are sure that this would work for the students too and it'll help them in achieving a greater sense of productivity in academic affairs.

Here are some extended tips for maintaining a routine and thus increasing productivity :

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