GOVINDPURI: An insight


Govindpuri is the first pocket-friendly option that comes to mind while thinking of living in Delhi, especially in South Delhi. Govindpuri has a widespread network of 13 streets that further connect themselves, some streets are top notch while most of them are not so hygienic. It is a highly monetarily friendly place to live but it is a challenging task to find a good accommodation that matches a person's desire. Govindpuri has a wide range of PGs and flats to live in with a variety of budgets but one can find a good deal only if he or she has a good knowledge about the area.

Being overpopulated, it has some advantages also like Govind puri has a wide option of markets and is closely in touch with some posh areas like Kalkaji, Okhla, Nehru place, and Tughlakabad.

The famous Wednesday Bazar, the fish market (the largest one in Delhi) and a satisfying food market with some good pizza and burger points makes it a complete package of master class cuisine for those who love to eat. Being properly nerved with roadways and railways, Govindpuri has a dedicated metro station in the violet line and is also well connected with DTC buses to serve the commuters.

Govindpuri caters to a number of students from University of Delhi and engineering colleges like Indraprastha Institute of Technology, some prominent colleges like Acharya Narendra Dev College (ANDC), Ramanujan College and DeshbandhuCollege. Students find it easy to accommodate themselves here than anywhere else in the budget ranging between 7,000 INR to 10,000 INR. Multiple food outlets are also a couple of kilometres away followed by some well-equipped gyms to cater to those who consider their body is no less than a temple.

There are some cons of Govindpuri as well such as overpopulated streets and chances of encountering pickpockets is a major threat. Ironically if someone is coming here by metro, a dedicated announcement is made to be careful, but this is the harsh reality of Delhi.

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