Hostel pg or flat: let’s help you choose the best !

A new bud in the wondrous city of Delhi ?

Well you have a lot to do !
With umpteen students pouring in, the Capital of India calls for several accommodations that suit the requirements of an un-nurtured bird that is ready to fly in an unknown world.
Where to stay ? It is the most haunting question that new entrants in Delhi face.
With umpteen availabilities round the campus the burly encumbrance we little students face is to choose the right accommodation, that secures our stay for the coming years.


This humungous question has a simple three step answer :

1. Decide where to stay, either a hostel, flat or pg

2. Book your availabilities through a secured intermediary or by searching various websites.

3. Pack your stuff and you're good to move in your newly decided accommodation.

Though the apparent procedure is simple, it has nuances that make the crossing of this 3 step bridge a little unfathomable.

When you enter as a college student in a new city as enormous as Delhi choosing the right kind of accommodation is the most conspicuous and relevant task at hand because staying away from home is one of the most formidable task that children encounter. The most important component of this college life is where you put up during these three years, the life you live in your pg or flat, your pg or flat mates that evolve as soul beings for life and the uncountable memoirs you create.

Applying for college hostel seems easy but going through the procedure and getting a seat is a difficult terrain, because only a handful are fortunate enough to make it to a college hostel seat. So while you apply for the hostel don't be completely dependent, go out and look for more options and availabilities. The hostel itself is a vase of boon and bane, while the authorities are strict in certain arenas you have the entire college to yourself. A hostel usually sets the perfect standard for a novice.

Mostly new comers stay in pgs that are highly secured, curfew confined, with food and other amenities required for a homely stay. There are several sites that help you search the right kind of pg and other happenstances to border your preferences and boil it down to the one that is best for you. You just need to figure out the budget that suits your pocket, the area that is within the vicinity of your college and the facilities that are cardinal for a wieldy stay. The North campus not only brims itself with umpteen pgs but also with plethora flats, that are synonymous with an independent yet homely stay. Usually students go in for flat in latter years of their college life, when they become more accustomed to the surrounding, have congenial friends with whom they can move in and it goes without saying, have consensus of their parents. Staying in a flat is quite disparate from staying in a pg or hostel, you got to get food cooked at your own will, do house parties, call your friends to hang over for the night, sneak out whenever you want to and most importantly take whole sole charge of the flat along with flat mates.

Deciding where to stay is unconditionally subjective and relative to one's preferences, you must go by what is more convenient for you. Be it a hostel, a pg or flat all three have their own pros and cons, while a flat may offer rampancy and the privilege to do things at your own accord, it calls for alot of responsibility to manage expenses, food, grocery and so on.

Distinctly a pg or hostel doesn't let you worry about the food, laundry or your security but at the same time doesn't offer you the leeway that a flat offers. So choose wisely !

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