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With the entire world being surrounded by the deadly trap of Covid-19, a post-pandemic era will call for varied changes and modifications in man's day to day operations and execution of affairs. With social distancing being the new normal, lesser human and stranger contact falling in place, the student broker market and student housing companies are not immune to this and should thereby prepare themselves to successfully contain the consequences of what's to follow.


With students and parents in hunt of a suitable PG/Flat would preferring lesser face to face communication and social reintegration in the coming days, the traditional methodology of choosing accommodation deals would no longer be viable and feasible. A unified platform containing multifarious property/PG listings of varied budgets and categories that can allow students and parents to see the view, and decide on their place of dwelling is the need of the hour. 

With this vision, HouseItt brings before all the student housing companies, property agents, and PG owners an all-new concept of property dealings, never known before in Delhi University. A single unified listing space that would allow all brokers, PG/Flat owners, and property agents to list their properties on our website and reap the benefits of greater market reach to student leads and wider viewership.

A call to all the brokers and PG Owners in the house!!

It's the right time, chance on the opportunity and be a part of our exclusive Houseitt  Partners family. From free listings,  scaled marketing, and judicious management of  inventory, our Houseitt Partners community has got it all covered for you.

We ensure some exclusive benefits to all our community members. Firstly, we allow the free listing of your property/properties on our website thus ensuring wider reach and greater marketing.

With the number of netizens soaring, businesses going online in the future and hence we at HouseItt endeavour to introduce you to the same.Secondly, we provide exclusive photo/video shoots of your properties by professional photographers/videographers so as to present a better and lucrative deal to the consumers thereby attracting consumer attention.

Thirdly, in the purview of the fact that sanitization of properties and houses are imperative in the prevailing circumstances, HouseItt will ensure complete sanitization and disinfestation of all our listings before handing over to the consumers thereby gaining customer confidence.

Lastly, with a unified platform, distance is now no bar for customers to tap you. Get ready to serve the consumers of all corners of the country with this national community of Houseitt Partners.

Add to the community of Houseitt Partners and Join hands in revolutionizing the existing framework of business affairs with HouseItt.



#GrowWithHouseitt #BecomeHouseittpartner #For further queries, please contact:- #Contact - Rajat Malik, 7303667207,9811667056  #Or reach out to us at - houseittlistings@gmail.com

Houseitt Intro
A lot of young students want to share their college experiences which can be valuable for students but they just don’t find the right platform. Houseitt as a student community takes the responsibility to a bit for the students.

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