How to make this quarantine worth it?


Life is all about challenges. Every challenge comes with an opportunity. Today, we are facing a deadly challenge against Covid-19; at the same time we have been given a lifetime opportunity to make the best use of these lockdown days. This is the beginning of anything you want. Opportunities should not be taken granted as TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED. For the first time ever, you are not bound by restrictions or responsibilities, you can plan your 24 hours according to your own priorities. Make the best use of this quarantine. Achieving success in hard times brings the best out of you. Make yourself your priority and try to be a better person.

Following are some suggestions as to how you can make this quarantine productive –

● Follow your Passion
Competition has increased so much in today's world that every other person is struggling hard to achieve his/her dreams and become financially independent. You might have said this many a times - I wish I had the time...... Now, today you have that time which you wished for. Just don't let it go and work upon your passion. If you are passionate to do something, you will never feel tired. It will give you immense happiness which can help you deal with this monotonous quarantine period.

● Personal Development
Even if you are locked within the four walls, you can still develop your personality. Work upon your communication skills, build confidence, fight with your fear, discover YOUR STYLE and improve your weaknesses. This is the right time to talk to yourself and know the REAL YOU. An attractive personality always attracts people and success, be it in a professional environment or among your friends group.

● Meditation
This pandemic situation has cost us our normal lives and forced us to stay away from our friends and colleagues. Our daily routine has unfortunately been totally changed and we are unable to explore the world physically. This has created an environment of depression and mental stress among the population, especially, the youth. To deal with this mental stress, meditation plays a vital role. Morning yoga and a 10 minute meditation can help you alleviate the negative thoughts. It will also increase your concentration power, imagination and creativity. Surrounding you with positive vibes, meditating will help you to ponder upon new ideas to utilise your quarantine days, thereby, preventing you to become obese and lazy.

● Learn a New Language
Learning a language is fun and advantageous at the same time. You get a chance to understand different cultures and their lifestyles. This will improve your communication skills and add a remarkable skill in your resume. Talking in different languages gives you an edge over others. It improves your critical thinking, concentration power and creativity.

● Online Courses
Recently, the official authorities have announced the cancellation of semester exams for 1st and 2nd year and many universities have also postponed the final examination of 3rd year students. This has created a long gap in the academic routine. 90% of the students haven't even completed the syllabus of their respective semesters creating a hollow knowledge base. To compensate this loss, many educational universities and organisations are providing free online courses in every subject, be it finance, economics, health, science, mathematics or IT. Online education websites like EdX, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare , TedEd and many others are providing free courses or courses at minimal cost. These courses are a value addition to your CV. They provide you the certificate only if you get a pass percentage in their skill and knowledge test, where they judge you on the basis of your practical thinking.

● Socialising while Maintaining Social Distancing
India is the fastest growing economy in the world now and it is actively working upon improving its IT sector mainly. Comforting yourself with technology is the need of the hour today. During this lockdown, when you can't physically meet any friend or colleague or a client, you can meet them virtually through social media platforms. Broaden your network on LinkedIn, meet new professionals virtually (through a video call), enquire about their working environment, learn something new from their experiences and share your thoughts with them. You can also start your blogs, be it a content writing blog or a fashion blog, and communicate to your audience by creating unique content for them. You can also create an Instagram page or a YouTube channel to showcase your talent and help your audience to grow with you. Attend online webinars on your topic of interest and expand your knowledge base. Online socialising is fun in itself as you can talk to people from different backgrounds just by sitting at the comfort of your home.

Improve your social network and familiarise yourself with the new normal. Don't get depressed for what you don't have but feel lucky for getting an opportunity to explore the world through a unique angle. Excel yourself in online working and stay updated with the new technological developments across world.Time flies and so this shall also pass. Just stay happy, stay positive and stay safe.

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