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If one delves deeper into the concept of business, they can easily catch a sight of the fact that it is not only the monetary investment in machineries or even having a full fledged plan that contributes to the prosperity of a firm or an organisation, but majorly it is the people involved in the working and growth of that organisation. After all, a firm is only as strong as its people. Keeping this in mind, the modern business models have become more employee centric and there is now a separate department that is responsible for the employment and management of human capital.

As a matter of fact, human resources department is not just limited to hiring capable personnel and laying off unfit employees but also keeping the workforce motivated by creating a comfortable, yet competitive environment for them. And since, the functioning of this department has a direct impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the firm, it becomes crucial for the company to hire an HR manager who has the right knowledge and expertise in related matters.

Human resources team is as important to Houseitt as to any other organisation that wants to grow alongside with its employees. We have always tried to provide a safe working environment where our interns and employees connect and learn from each other, while their respective heads or leaders make sure that their work is acknowledged and appreciated. Houseitt has a greater workforce diversity in terms of age, cultural background, gender and perspectives. The focus is not on the developed or management centric people but on the diverse pool of talents for the completion of a project. In current scenario, diversified workforce has become a point of strength to increase the productivity. Everyone's point of view is respected and taken into consideration and we try our best to ensure that people are not overburdened. We believe in learning together as well as growing together to make the best use of our talents.

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