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What if Delhi University had a campus like IIMs

Life at Delhi University is incomparable. Getting admission in Delhi University has been the dream of every student, for which they burn midnight oil in their board exams. Bunking lectures and hanging out with friends at Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, HauzKhas, Sarojini Nagar and Satya Niketan become unforgettable memories of a Delhi University graduate. Furthermore, college societies , Delhi University fests, Delhi University elections and DUTA strikes add spice to one's college life. Red walls and boosting alumni base (Like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Namita Das, etc.) have contributed a lot towards building the pride of Delhi University campus. Delhi University life is quite memorable. Delhi University has always been the most desirable university in India.

Students have a huge craze for Delhi University campus, but what if Delhi University had a campus like IIMs and IITs?

What if all the Delhi University colleges had been built in only one campus, like the IIMs? It would have been an icing on the cake if all the Delhi University students studied in the same campus. Moreover, the meeting hotspots would have become more exciting and interesting. Sudama's tea stall, Dolma Aunty momos point, famous Maggie point , Dominos and Burger King would have been inside the campus only. This way the students would have interacted more with the students of other colleges helping them to build new and better relations. This would have provided even a better exposure to the students adding value to their social life. If Delhi University had interactive sessions like in IIMs, where the students from all the colleges sit together and discuss their opinions with each other, then it would have given an unparalleled exposure to the students of Delhi University.

If Delhi University had only one faculty group like the IIMs, then all the professors would have learned more from each other and there would have been unity in the teaching system.

There would have been a common huge playground like IIMs, where students of all the colleges could play together. The imagination in itself is giving goosebumps. Isn’t it?

Had you and I got a chance to attend a common Delhi University fest where the students from all the colleges would have participated to showcase their talent, wouldn’t it be a replica of a Bollywood night? Even the college elections would have been great fun.

However, it cannot be ignored that the fees structure of DU is far less than the IIMs and IITs. The fees structure of Delhi University has helped the underprivileged students to educate themselves from the best.

Apart from campus like IIMs and IITs, DU can have some innovations for the betterment of it’s students. Quality labs and hygienic food in the canteens can be some of them. Such petty changes can change the college life of the students and the quality education they get.

Okay fellas, I wish and I hope that this imagination of our's turns into a reality one day. If this might happen one day, then every Delhi University student would be like – Kum paiso mein zyada maza, isn’t it?

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