Inside GTB nagar


GTB Nagar is the headquarters of coaching classes in Delhi. Situated beside the North Campus of Delhi University, it’s a place full of students from all the fields and from all over India. I am not sure if I am the right person to answer the questions of accommodation considering that I didn't considered many PGs and just chose the first one I saw but I have seen the entire area now and can say what a student will be getting here. If you talk about price ranges, GTB Nagar has accommodation for everyone and hence the price range flickers a lot but is generally between 7000-17000 INR.

GTB Nagar metro station has four gates and it approximately covers the entire area with maximum 2 minutes’ walk for everyone who is living in that area. GTB Nagar is close to Miranda House and Khalsa College i.e. approximately 1 kilometer but for other colleges of North campus you can’t walk because they are near Kamla Nagar and around 2 kilometers away from GTB Metro station and most students don't find it feasible to walk so much.

So, you have to take a rickshaw to reach colleges but that is also not a very pretty thing because you don’t know whether you will find one on time or not and in many cases you may have to walk to your college. Now, when we come to overall environment of GTB Nagar, I personally don’t feel it is best of all. The main reason is that the sewage is passing just beside my PG and in the evening it is very smelly and often suffocating inside the room but the plus point is that you can see some greenery outside from window and it is surely better than the environment there in PGs of Kamla Nagar etc.