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I remember that day (20th July, 2019) when I switched Delhi over Meerut as my residence to pursue my undergraduate degree. I was all in tears, scared and worried about a new place, new people, new life. My parents kept on calming me but all in vain. To get a proper homely accommodation, we searched every nook and cranny, cranky lanes and finally, we got a beautiful place to stay in Hudson lane. All of us were worn out. I never knew it was that difficult to hunt for a pg.

Never in my wildest of dreams, I thought I will be so comfortable with a place called Delhi. It occupies a particular space in my heart now, and I call it "MY SECOND HOME".

Though initial months proved to be terrifying and disdain, but slowly and gradually you fall for a place where you spend days and nights. I started liking Hudson. Special thanks to my new lifelines, my friends without whom Delhi was no less than a haunt or an eerie place.

I find Hudson as the best place to chill in North Delhi. You can get anything and everything, at all times. All you need to do is get down from your cosy beds and do a 5-10 min walk. From a small clip to blankets or from cafes to chemist, everything is within your reach.


If you are foodie, I would recommend you this place as the best. It's no less than a roller coaster ride visiting warm and excellent cafes and trying new dishes daily. Be it texas roadhouse poppers or paneer tikka, or spring rolls or spicy Sriracha potatoes, everything is more than yummy.

You have the privilege to dine at a whole spectrum of restaurants depending on your pocket. It's a hub of cafes. Few to name are Hudson cafe, Spezia Bistro, Housefull Cafe Lounge, Shake it up, Big yellow door, Echoes, and more. The food matches the royal names. Excited to visit them? I am sure you must be.

Access to affordable pgs, ATMs and banks, fruit vendors, medical aids adds on to its importance.

Plus point being 5 mins walk to GTB metro station along with public transport's accessiblity and 24×7 availability. 10 min e-rick ride and you land up at your college. Isn't it amazing for all the lazy cocoons?

Between Rs.10k-20k, you can find budget-friendly PGs and even some flats.

Sudama chai, mango man's juice, majnu ka tila etcetera are some secrets you can explore, being in Delhi.

No doubt there will be times when you miss your family, wanting to meet them but trust me, to chill out you must try some roadside food and your mood will be cheered up automatically. Now even a single thought of leaving such an amazing place shocks me and leads to tears in my eyes.

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