Is your PG Covid Adaptive?


The global pandemic, COVID-19 has changed the way of life- the way we live, work, study and play. The forced quarantine has become the new normal.

It has broken the conception of employees that they cannot work unless they are under a watch of managers. Employees have started appreciating the perks of working from home-no loss of time or money on commuting, low laundry bills, low food bills and a flexible schedule. Employers, too, have realized that their employees have become more productive without all the distractions of the office- the background noises and the socializing.

Students never thought of distant learning. Studying online and giving open book tests checks the sincerity of students.

As our lives are coming back on track, there is a possibility that people give more preferences to their housing needs. There will be a change in homebuyers’ and renters’ preferences.

Before renting a house, renters will make sure that it is not just a place to sleep in but an all-around Covid adaptive surrounding.

Hygiene Conditions

Overall condition of the property is important but now special attention should be paid to cleaning of surfaces that are frequently touched. Your landlord should make sure that frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, doorbells, elevator buttons, stairs and railings are disinfected regularly.

Safety Check

As a renter, you have to be sure that your landlord is following all the precautionary steps. All those entering the premises like janitors, delivery personnel, house-helps, guards etc should be checked for temperature. Hand sanitizer machines should be installed in the premises of high-traffic areas of the building like the main gate and common areas like parks.


Homes have now become an extension of the workplace; renters will now be more demanding in terms of home features. A renter must ensure that there is an active Wi-Fi connection in all the rooms so that any room can be converted into a work area. Rooms should have soundproof windows and walls and silently running fans to prevent background noises during a video conference or an online lecture. Since you have to spend a lot of time in your home, it must be well-lit with natural light and have proper ventilation.

Community Areas

Renters must make sure productivity and safety standards in common areas like society compounds or parks are met. The common areas must be designed as flexible sharing centers. They must have a powerful internet connection, plug-in spaces to work and enough space to follow social-distancing rules.


Not only the landlords but the tenants must also be informed about the latest updates issued by the health department. One way of doing this is by offering materials, in multiple languages to tenants, visitors, vendors, delivery personnel etc about proper hand hygiene, cough etiquette, social distancing norms and other guidelines issued by the health ministry.

Even after we come out of this pandemic, our lives will be changed forever. Landlords have to pay greater attention to safety and health norms of their tenants. As a renter, before renting a property, you must ensure that the place is comfortable and safe because you will end up spending more time there than ever before.

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