La Casa de Papel


If you haven't watched or haven't been forced to watch the hot Spanish drama 'La Casa de Papel', popularly known as 'Money Heist', do you even belong to this planet? The show is a much-recommended one to binge-watch. It is based on the best-strategized robberies in the history of Spain, the first one on The Royal Mint of Spain and the other one on The Bank of Spain. The show has such powerful characters and script that it will keep you hooked throughout.

You will also notice an uncanny similarity between Money Heist, Dhoom, Players, and Happy New Year. (Sorry for the spoiler without context).

Apart from the astounding cast and plot, the show has some valuable lessons as well.

*1. Teamwork makes the dream work*

Had Mr. Professor been alone, would he have been able to arrange the robbery? No, right? The team was like a family and had each others' backs at all times. Tokyo tried her best to save Nairobi, Nairobi understood Denver, Berlin sacrificed his life for his teammates. Everyone had a pro and a con, but they flawlessly complemented each other.

"Everyone has there advantage and disadvantage, so you need a perfect balance"

*2. Have a plan beforehand*

Planning, be it for a heist or life, is an imperative part  When a team works together to achieve set goals, it lets everyone be on the same page, striving toward a common, shared mission.

"Early planning can help in covering your blind spots"

*3. Fight till your last breath*

Nairobi was on the verge of losing her life, but the courage and perseverance she showed during her last moments definitely gave us goosebumps. All hail Nairobi.

“You know what else is scary? Walking home alone at night. But us women keep doing it. Take fear by the hand and keep living. Because you have to live, gentlemen! You have to live until the end!”

*4. Always have a plan B*

There are 26 letters in the English language, why only have a plan A? During the heist hostages managed to run with the help of Arturo, Berlin left us, Nairobi left us, Lisbon got caught, Tokyo lost it (this one was hella scary), Alicia found Mr. Professor (SCARIER), but the professor managed to handle the situation because he always had a plan B (Well obviously with better names. Do you remember, Plan Paris?). Hope he will be able to handle the last one too. ;-; 

"Be ready to pivot, when things don't go as planned"

*5. Never give up*

When Lisbon got captured, the professor had an option to give up and kneel down before the Police but he didn't. He planned smartly and rather used the situation to his advantage as an opportunity.

"Sometimes you lose so that you can learn to win"

Well, the one best thing Money Heist has taught us is definitely, "Mi sono alzato, O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao . . . "

So, yay, Ciao.

Happy reading!

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