Life of a 2020 Student


Living the life of a student, 2020.
They say, student life is one of the best age phases of a human tenure on earth, the glee of youthfulness and blooming aspirations bundled with unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a hub of ingenious ideas is what aptly defines the student life and might also prove true for many zealous youngsters. 
But aren't we missing out on the reality in the bits of this superficial definition of youthfulness? Aren't we ignoring those constituents of the youth that are suffering mentally and physically to keep up to the  standards of what we as a youth, as a student are supposed to do and achieve? 

This question came gawking at me one fine day, when the innumerable tasks I was working on, to make myself and the world believe that I am worthy of a standing, capable of making my parents proud, better than the rest and to win the race, I felt paralyzed, as if I am a soulless human working like a robot just to fulfill the expectations of the society, preparing myself to enter into the phase of life that demands of me to work and earn and more than that achieve and achieve enough to meet the exsisting societal standards that is the equivalency of success with scoring well, being on a high position in some company or having a business of myself or be one of the top officials and what not.
Beads of perspiration on my forehead with chills down my spine and a migling of million thoughts in my head, I felt anxious, I felt burdened and more than that incapable to do anything. Thinking about future, success, college assignments, a good cv , enough internships, pressure of being placed and almost any and everything that I as a student was expected to do. 
This might aptly define the condition of most students, the reason of several student suicides, the feeling of not wanting to exist because of some mere failures , the fear of not being able to meet the expectations of self and society and I question the world and its youth why ? 
Why has a student become so burdened, so stressed, Ill mentally and physically, a mind which is to be a hub of innovative ideas is now a hub of several mental illnesses. 

We need to sit back and question ourselves and also those societal expectations that cause us to mentally breakdown and want to quit. 
Next time when you are in a pool of distress, sit back and make yourself believe that only you can define the successes paramaeters for yourself, you are going to live the life you choose for yourself not the world, realise loosing a few wars doesn't make you lose the battle, do things that you're passionate about, those that you want to achieve for your happiness for your parents, the lifestyle you want for yourself. Don't let the society define your success on their superficial parameters, you know your satisfaction, definition of success and the quality of life you want to live. 
So stop, if the world can't change the orthodox statements of success, you reframe them for yourself. 
Don't forget to live, while running in the race that the world is set on, don't make yourself just capable to exist by meeting standards of the society, because to live you need to be happy and passionate about your work and also know the parameters of success, for you and defined by you.

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