LIFE OF A B.Sc. Chemistry (Hon) STUDENT


Chemistry can either be an amazingly interesting subject or a completely dread and burdensome subject. For some students, playing with equations and diving deep into atoms and compounds provide them immense pleasure and thus particularly for those students, pursuing B.Sc. Chemistry (Hon) is a great opportunity to give a kick-start to their career.

B.Sc. Chemistry as an undergraduate program which works on your basics apart from the knowledge that you have already gained in high school. For getting admission in this esteemed course, the candidate must have completed their higher education from a recognized board of education with a minimum percentage that is required by respective institutions for admission. Some institutes even offer admissions to the students on the basis of certain entrance exams in the particular field.

As Chemistry (Hon) is a three-year graduation program, so, in the first year, you will get to learn more about organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. In the second year, you get onto a more advanced level in which you will study subjects like advanced organic, inorganic and physical chemistry and finally when you reach in the third year there are subjects like Analytic Chemistry, Biomolecules, Polymers, Drugs, Molecular Approach towards Physical Chemistry. And if this does not quench your thirst for the subject, then you can also go for Post-Graduation program after the successful completion of your graduation. For admission in Delhi University under this course, you must have scored remarkably well as the cut off is high enough which itself segregates the students who are fit for admission.

After the successful completion of the course, there are numerous working opportunities in various fields, for instance, your job profile can be of a pharmacist, radiologist, laboratory technician, research scientist, teacher and all these job opportunities definitely provide you promising salaries.

So, if you seriously are an atom-fanatic and wish to take chemistry as a serious part of your life, then this course is just the stop for you and you just don’t have to worry about anything else, simply go for it.

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