History is considered as a study of the past, with simultaneously keeping future hopes in mind. It is the study of human civilization, or in more simpler terms, it is basically an inquiry into the past on the basis of various evidences that are present with us today. Many discoveries are already made but there still are many unfolded parts which are yet to be discovered. Learning dates and remembering major events of every period or era is not everyone’s cup of tea. If these past incidents and dates intrigue you in an extraordinary way, then this course is just for you.

B.A. History (Hon) is a three-year undergraduate program. While pursuing this course, students develop various practical skills and develop a wide range of research and analysis skills as well. The minimum qualification for pursuing this course is 10+2. Admission in this course is done on merit basis as well as on the basis of various entrance exams such as UGC-NET. Contrary to this, various institutes follow different admission processes as well.

History (Hon) is not a prominent course like B.com, Economics(Hon), English(Hon) but has a separate interest group because of which the cut-off of this course is not too high. Thus, one can get admission in this course easily in Delhi University. The average tuition fee for this course varies from college to college, but on an average this course costs between 8,000 INR – 1.8 Lac INR.

After the successful accomplishment of your under graduation, if you are still curious and wish to learn further or are looking forward to writing your own research papers, then you should definitely enroll for post-graduation course as well. In post-graduation program, you will encounter various thesis and research papers already written and will have the opportunity to learn from them, which will ultimately help you in your future works and projects.

Though just after completing graduation also, numerous doors will open for you. You can join the teaching field, specialized in history for early age, work as a museum curator, a broadcast journalist, a charity officer or any related post. There are options for government jobs as well. You can work as a research officer and analyst for any government museum. There are various archeological departments and institutes which work for the preservation of our monuments.

Thus, there are ample of opportunities in this field but all you need to pursue this course is incessant curiosity, power to make evidence work out in your favor and at last a perpetual interest in date and time periods.

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