Life of an English (Hons) student at DRC


BA English (Hons) course teaches the students about the development of English language and literature into modern society through drama, poetry, novel and plays. Daulat Ram College offers the course BA English (Hons) in which students are taught to engage with a whole range of literary texts spanning across diverse cultures and countries; from Latin American Literature to African, Afro-American, Indian, Canadian, and European Literature.

If you are looking forward to getting admission in this course, the following information might help you. So, there are core subjects, AECC and a generic elective (GE) subject. All the core papers are divided into different parts. GE is an extra paper that you need to study and its purpose is to give you another option (subject) to pursue masters.

Divya chose physical education as GE but you can choose any subject you are interested in. In English honours, you get to work a lot on our writing skills under the AECC paper. Let’s get into a little detail about the core papers in each semester. In the first semester, she studied Indian Classical Literature and European Classical Literature.

She was taught about Abhijnana Shakuntalam, Mahabharata, Cilappatikaram, Oedipus and Illiad. In the second semester, she studied about Indian writing in English and British Poetry and Drama: 14th to 17th century.

Some of the novels taught to her were Macbeth, Doctor Faustus, In Custody and others. The third semester taught her about the American Literature, Popular Literature, British Poetry and Drama: 17th-18th century and Creative writing. The novels she was taught under these papers were Beloved, Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Funny Boy, Rape of the Lock and Paradise Lost. In the fourth semester, there were papers of Technical writing, British Romantic Literature, British Literature: 18th century and British Literature: 19th century. Some of the texts were London, Tristram Shandy, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein.

As per Divya, all of these novels are very intriguing and the professors made sure that she understood it well. Even in these trying times during the pandemic, their professors took many online classes and completed the syllabus. She was also given many assignments every semester for internal assessment. The topics of these assignments are usually based on the texts. There are many career options if you study English honours.

If you want a placement directly from DU itself, you must utilise your first two years by enhancing your skills and working in societies of your interest. The career options after studying English honours are journalism, mass communication, public relations, digital marketing, content writing, blogging, event management, translation and much more. If you love literature, this is definitely just the right course for you!

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