Life of BA program Student at MLNC


BA Programme of Motilal Nehru College is something awesome which I would suggest if you are planning your future career. The BA program is a three-year degree program of Delhi University, is also known as B.A pass and its helpful for a student in ways like You can get admission easily, as the cut off of BA (Prog.) is less comparatively other courses of MLNC.

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In the first year we have to study Political Science, Economics, and History along with Environmental Studies then I made my History and Political Science major course along with others. Prof Chetan is in the department is very famous as he has taught me all three years and interactive. He has helped all his students from the first year to the third year and I liked Political Science as one of my favourite subjects in this course.

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Apart from Political Science, I have also taken certain generic courses like investing in stock markets, Mass media and Communication and Business. I was in the evening batch and I found that evening batch students did far better than morning batch students in their courses.  For coming to the placement cell companies like Parle Groups, Yakult, Amazon, Flipkart and Life Insurance companies take students who have a BA Programme course with economics or and stock market paper if you have studied. Most of my friends got placed in Flipkart and Amazon.