Life with a Roommate


    House hunting process is really tiring and the most difficult challenge for anyone who is going to live away from his/her home in order to complete his/her higher education. For a student, it's very difficult emotionally and mentally to adjust in a new environment and that too all alone. To counter this feeling of loneliness and this fear of being away from your comfort zone, a roommate is the one, who can serve as the best companion for you since you both are in the same situation.

    Here’s how having a roommate is better than facing these new situations alone:

  • Financial Support
  • To find a perfect flat away from your hometown, it might cost you a lot. So being a wiser tenant, you should always search for a roommate with whom you can split the rent and other bills. This will help you to save your money which you can invest in other things. Moreover, you can negotiate the rent with your landlord in a much better way. On the other hand, if you are living alone, you will have to incur all the expenses yourself.

  • Afford more desirable location and room
  • When you are sharing rent with your roommate(s), you have the option to look for more desirable location and a spacious room. Since you are paying only a fraction of your flat's rent, you can enjoy the benefit of larger customisations. Generally, rooms at good locations are more expensive, so if you have a roommate, you can deal with this problem easily and can get the perfect flat for yourself.

  • Companionship
  • Adapting yourself to a new environment is not everyone's cup of tea. You want a roommate to deal with your loneliness. Only a roommate can be your best companion in such a time, since you both are in the same situation and can better understand each other's emotions. Along with the fun moments and gossips you guys would share, you can also morally support each other and have those meaningful 3 am conversations.

  • Socialising
  • Having a roommate you get a chance to socialize and get a totally new social network to interact with. You might also get to meet your roommate's family members and friends, thus expanding your social circle in the new place. As they say, ”The more, the merrier”.

  • Conflicting Situations
  • Remember, if you are stuck in any conflicting situation, be it with your college friends or landlord or any other person, your roommate will always have your back. He/she will help you to become even stronger during hard times. Sometimes, your mind stops thinking rationally with all the stress breaking it down, that’s when your roommate will help you calm down and will provide you with good suggestions.

    Living alone might worsen your problems and you would have to face the situations all by yourself.

    Living alone and living with a roommate has its own pros and cons. But according to me, living with a roommate will always give you an edge over living alone. Even though some people are more inclined towards enjoying their privacy, everyone feels happy to have someone with whom they can talk and share their feelings.

    And who knows you might end up finding the Joe to your Chandler or the Rachel to your Monica!

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