Make canva your Canvas


Every day we scroll through hundreds of posts on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, but we only closely read those posts which are designed well.
Now, what is design? And why do we need it?
Design is anything and everything that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Design can have a huge impact on your audience. You might be the most intelligent person or most knowledgeable person but unless you don’t know how to convey that knowledge to your audience in a way that grabs their attention, it won’t be of any use. If I present to you two ideas, one with a simple text on a notepad, one properly designed with suitable fonts, elements, pictures, colours. Which one will you be attracted towards? The latter, right?
Now you might be thinking ‘I don’t have a designing degree or I don’t know how to use photoshop. How can I design?’ Gotcha! Gone are the days, when you needed to hire professionals for your designing needs. YES! It’s true. With numerous apps and websites available online, you can easily design visiting cards for your business, invitation poster for your birthday party, presentation for your school assignment. You won’t even have to rely on your teammates for group projects.

One such app is Canva. Canva is a simple online platform for graphic design which stresses the importance of including shareable images, creating custom, relevant visual content with ready-to- edit templates.
Is Canva difficult to use?
NOT AT ALL. It’s very simple to use. Follow these steps to excel Canva:
1. Download the app and Log In
The app is free and available on both ios and android. You can easily find their website as well. You can log in with Google, Facebook, or your email id. After you successfully log in, have a look around. Scroll down and try to explore the features.
2. Choose a template
There are various specific dimensions available for an instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook post, Facebook story, brochure, poster, Facebook cover, youtube thumbnail, presentation. Choose as per your purpose.
3. Select a template
Canva provides you with numerous themes like celebration, advertising, announcement, education, professional, etc. So, for example, you want to make an invitation card for a birthday party, select the birthday theme and multiple templates will pop up, choose the one you like.