Mathematics is basically a science, full of logics, shapes, quantities and numbers arranged in a pattern. If we look around, math is present everywhere, from the pattern of a leaf which can be termed as symmetry, to the study of stars. All this sounds uncomplicated but the reality is totally opposite. Mathematics can be a nightmare for you if you are not good with numbers. For pursuing math as a part of your higher curriculum, you have to be very clear with the basic concepts behind every rule and theorem.

While teaching mathematics as a subject in Universities, faculties assume that the students are already aware of all the basics and concrete concepts behind. During admissions in Mathematics (Hon), your performance in this subject is of utmost importance along with your achievements in various aptitude subjects like physics, chemistry etc.

B.Sc. Math (Hon) is a three-year Under-graduate course for which the minimum eligibility is 10+2 class passed from any recognized board and the rank scored in entrance exams and in some cases on the basis of counselling sessions. The average tuition fee for pursuing this course is INR 5,000 – 2 Lakhs which varies from college to college.

The cut-offs for this course are pretty high in DU. It’s almost around 94.5-96.5 % but if you want to study in your dream campus i.e. the famous North Campus then you will have to work hard.

The course consists of 6 semesters, first two of them focus on

subjects like Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, Mechanics etc. The next two semesters will take you to a next and complex level where you will get to learn about Vector analysis, Mechanics-2, Differential Equations etc. In the last two semesters subjects like Algebra, Numbers method, Linear programming, Probability theory etc. will be taught.

It is a myth that one cannot get a good job opportunity after pursuing this course. One can only become a teacher though it is also not true.
After the successful completion of this course, there are numerous job options available which can be very fruitful in terms of remuneration. You can work as a statistician, business analyst, risk analyst, data analyst. You can also apply for various government banking vacancies.

If you wish to go for higher studies after completing your graduation, then you can pursue M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph.D. degree programs in Mathematics or you can also go for professional courses like CS/CMA/CA . According to your qualifications, you can definitely grab a job of your choice without any doubt but one thing you have to keep in mind – not to believe in myths and if you think you are good with your concepts, then this course is just for you.

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