Mental Health Awareness


There once was a girl named Betty who although had always been a high spirited, happy go lucky kind of a girl, started feeling different than she usually did. She loved to sleep and food more than most people but it was like she had lost her appetite. Once an early bird started sleeping excessively even when she felt lethargic all day long. She was a social butterfly but had gotten distant from all her friends due to her very severe mood swings and constant irritability. Her depression was unfortunately mistaken for sadness due to which she kept sinking in it further and further which led to a delayed recovery.

Being sad and being depressed are not two sides of the same coin but two different coins altogether. It’s high time that we start accepting people how they are and help them move forward in their lives.

Ask yourself, how many times have you thought that a person is exaggerating their state when they share their feelings with you? How many times have you asked somebody to just become happy and not feel sad as if it was an option they get to choose from? How many times have you tried to counsel your friends instead of asking them to seek help from professionals? How many times have you watched movies like 'Joker' and felt bad for the character but in real life, have not paid heed to someone's feelings due to your own personal reasons?

Dismissing someone's feelings is not the solution. Asking people to plaster a smile across their face is not the solution. Trying to counsel someone without being educated enough to do that can cause more harm than good, even if it is not intentional. Pitying somebody or feeling sympathetic for them is not going to make you understand their plight.

Feeling empathetic, stepping into the shoes of a person and, looking at the world from their eyes might prove to be more helpful. Instead of feeling bad for movie characters, look around yourself. There are so many people in need. Push them in the right direction, assure them things will turn for the better, and if need be, reassure them of the same time and again.

Sometimes the worst place people can be at is in their heads.

Anxiety, Mood swings, Depression, and all other types of mental illnesses do not just go away by make-believing just like a fever doesn't go if we pretend as it has. A person suffering from a mental illness needs to see a doctor just as much as a person with a high fever.

As they say “The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”

We as a society need to accept the fact that suffering from mental derangement is normal and much more common than we think it is. Mental health should be our topmost priority. This is not something recent, people have been suffering in silence since ages because we tend to label anyone who admits to being unhealthy, mentally. We need to provide an atmosphere where people feel safe and free to talk about their feelings and not mock them on something they have no control over. It is only recently that people have gathered the courage to talk about mental health with their families, speaking about it publically is still a dream far-fetched.

People are becoming more aware about the importance of having a stable mental health through numerous platforms. A number of movies have been made on mental health issues. Now days, everybody is using social media and get to know about various things related to the mental health stigma from there. Internet has an abundant amount of content to spread awareness.

Change is happening but we still have a long-long way to go!

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