What are the necessary amenities?

Necessary amenities are the basic items that are to be used as a daily life product and for emergency purposes, health care, and regular maintenance products.

These include vegetables, stationeries, departmental stores, and many more which will be using our daily working life.

Hospitals: Hospitals are a vital necessity in the whole world. Many of the hospitals give better service, but most of the hospitals and government hospitals do not provide all the facilities. Having any hospital with basic emergency facilities near your residence is a viable need.

Banking Needs: Getting easy access to an ATM ensures that we have an easy and convenient way to retrieve their money and allows students to get cash in emergencies and to save their precious time by not standing in line for hours, at any bank. Also, having any bank for any sort of banking needs at proximity saves time and work.

Stationery Stores: Having a stationery store near your PG is important. For the last-minute run to get assignment material and printouts, every student has to have a stationery shop near their residence.

Departmental stores: The departmental store is a basic requirement for anyone who is living in an unknown city. The departmental store provides you with all the facilities under one roof. From small things to the larger ones, you can find all that you need. The departmental store keeps a large variety of products and hence offers an opportunity to the customers to select goods of their liking from a large stock of goods of different qualities, brands, designs, colours, styles, etc.

Vegetable and Fruit market: Students living far away from their homes often prefer home-cooked meals than packed tiffin and mess facilities, hence, buying fresh veggies from areas close to them makes it convenient for them to shop without disrupting their weekly study and work schedule. Vegetable markets provide healthier food items that are fresher than the ones in supermarkets. The vendors directly come and sell in almost every neighbourhood. So, it is a place convenient for almost everybody.

These were a few basic things that are important to look for while living in a PG. You might not find all the things near your place of living but a few would work too!

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