OBE for final year students


Online Exams for final year students

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways". This beautiful line throws light on the importance of skills in today's time. Improving the quality and the quantity of the skilled personnel is the need of the hour of a developing country like India since advanced skills help to increase the productivity and the economic growth of the nation. Skilled manpower is one of the most important assets of any country as they play a major role in acing the challenges faced by the country in this digitalised world.

But the Indian education system gives more importance to clearing exams over enhancing practical skills. A single piece of paper can't define one's future. At least not mine! You tell me, How can memorising bookish notes and jotting them down on a piece of paper within 3 hours of time test your knowledge? Imagine you are the HR of a company and you have two different types of applicants in front of you, one with an Excellent academic background but average practical knowledge, another with Excellent practical exposure and with a good academic background, whom will you choose for your company?


Obviously, the latter one, because you know, to achieve the organisational objectives, skills are more important. And here comes the major gap between the education system and the requirements of the corporate world.

Recently, Delhi University has announced online Open Book Examination for the final year students in this pandemic situation. (Koi sense hai iss baat ki? Inhe bahut lag rhi hai iss time!)

According to them, it is important to clear the exams to get qualified for grabbing a degree. Due to Covid-19, there has already been a lot of tension among everyone, and such an announcement is only adding fuel to fire.


Especially today's youth is facing mental health issues, like depression because this age is not for sitting inside four walls, but to explore the world and earn various experiences.

What's the use of such an examination pattern? My question is - How will you judge a student - on the basis of the skills he acquired or on the basis of the marks he secured in the Online Open Book Examination? If they talk about testing the knowledge of students through exams, who can guarantee the authenticity of those answer sheets in online exams? Moreover, the final year students are also pressurised because of their entrance exams, which will also be conducted with new pattern and guidelines.

It's so difficult to prepare for all the exams together that too during a pandemic period. Delhi University's authorities should understand that if the students will not give their final year exams, it does not mean that they are not eligible to get their degree.

Engineering colleges have even made it compulsory for the students to do at least one internship in the lockdown period in order to get promoted to the next year. Moreover, they have restricted the domain of the internships for the students.

These colleges have tried to focus on the skill development of its students, but I think it's not the fairway to promote the students. Many students are facing difficulties in finding an internship for some reason or the other, whereas some students are opting for making fake internship Certificates. Here again, the education system lacked in making a fair decision for its students.


According to me and most of the similar voices, the education system should be improved and should focus more on the personal development of the students. The colleges should focus on providing online training in various domains to their students to enhance their skills. They should encourage the students to do an Internship but should not make it the criteria for promoting them to the next session.

The Delhi University's authorities should also reconsider their decision of taking Online Examination for the final year students because the students of Delhi University come from all over India and now all the students are in their hometowns where they are facing network connectivity issues.

I think the education system in our country should be amended in the interest of students for their better future.



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