Pandemic survival guide to Mental health


How to mind your mind during the Lockdown?
Daily, when we open Whatsapp, Facebook, watch television or read a newspaper, all we could see is no. of COVID cases, no. of deaths, people stuck in houses, migrant workers suffering. There is so much negativity around that could make us anxious, panicky and could even take a toll on our mental health. 

Now, what is mental health? Many of you might not know that there’s a sickness other than physical sickness. But it’s not your fault. Almost everywhere in the world, mental health is considered a stigma. Mental health doesn’t mean being a psychopath or being dyslexic. The perspective of mental health in our society is believed to be a poor and negative belief. It simply means how one feels, thinks or acts. It includes stress, anxiety, depression, feeling numb, not feeling anything at all, low energy and so many other things. 

Looking at the current scenario, it is very important for us to learn how to cope and manage any added stress being experienced. Here are some ways to keep yourself cheerful and positive:

1.    Maintain a daily routine.
Work from home can be exhausting but just because just because we’re home doesn’t mean that we need not give separate time to ourselves. Self-care comes before anything else. Getting up early, doing some physical exercise, spending some time meditating, maintaining a gratitude journal, can bring great positivity to your daily routine.


2.    Work on a skill or hobby
We often complain about not having time to enjoy our hobby, but now that we have enough time, why not utilize it? The lockdown is a good time for you to put that 'extra time' into better use or pick up the hobby you love.


3.    Enjoy nature
Spending time with nature is always refreshing. Plant a tree, take care of it, spend some time sitting in your lawn or balcony just feeling the cool breeze, observe the things around you, walk around.


4.    Self Care
Self-care is important for building resilience toward the stress that you face. When you've taken steps to care for your mind and body, you'll be better equipped to live your best life.


5.    Physical workout
The Gen-Z fails to understand that physical exercise should be a vital part of our daily routine. If they had run as much they run around in PUBG, they would have been much fitter and happier. It’s scientifically proven that exercise enlights one’s mood and mind.


6.    Connect with your friends
It is tough to stay all day by yourself and can be depressing too. It can lead to overthinking, negative thoughts, anxiety. You must take out time to connect with your friends through a voice call or video call. These days, there are many online multiplayer games available as well that you can play with them like Tambola, Ludo, Psych, Uno, Carrom etc.


Don’t let the situation take a toll on you. Take care of your body and mind. Make sure you’re in mental peace. Talk to people about your problems and have a healthy discussion. Make sure your friends are okay. Spend lesser time on social media. And remember, Self-care comes before anything else. You do you.

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