Pataal Lok ft. lockdown


I didn’t achieve that much class 12th score to get into a north campus college - just 83.6%, When Delhi university admissions started, Out of blue, I saw I am meeting the Cut off for some college name “College of vocational Studies, never heard about this college but I didn’t know that spending An hour alone in that college, after exploring the campus, I would opt anonymously, the 3-year degree course, BA (Vocational) Marketing and Management in Insurance. I was clueless about what course I opted and in which college!

I have never been an active candidate like any head in school, but as my 1st year started in college, every day was a new opportunity. The college vibes couldn’t stop making me fall for it.  Every day I felt more enthusiastic to go, explore, and learn new things. My first ever audition was for Drama society, I can’t expect much from myself, that I forget how under-confident I was in school and conscious. Until, I believed in myself that - “Never regret anything in life, you got 3 beautiful years to be yourself and with this belief, I made it to Cultural society of the college, but couldn’t commit for long. That was my first step on the ladder to never give up. It taught me that - I always lacked Motivation, not confidence, Subsequently, I fell with that steep even when I failed to make it in other best of societies of CVS - like Enactus, Placement cell because I didn’t know the rules or norms of Group discussions or knew how to crack Interviews.

Till then, leaving all behind I made in two societies- FIC (Finance and Investment Cell) and TEB (The Entrepreneurial board) by end of 1st year, unaware of what is happening around and what were they trying to do.

Too new for me to understand these societies stuff, but exploring Delhi was something I loved, Maybe a 1km walk to select CityWalk Mall from College was so normal that it became a mandatory stop. 

I am not a Delhite but heard stories where college friends hang out in cafes, club, I lived in that fancy world too in 1st year, But as the time flew I realized I am not that type of person until I started looking reality around me where I achieved more happiness in standing with my friends at only Chole Kulche stall outside my college and realized how an Rs.40  plate could fill my stomach and gave me immense happiness along with weird Snapchat clicks with friends than a plate at Haldiram would do.

 I evolved. If this lockdown wouldn’t happen, I believe I would have developed better taste buds by enjoying street food of Chandni Chowk and would have been a smart street shopper in places like Sarojini Nagar & Lajpat Nagar. But my happiness didn’t last much longer when we packed our bags to go home because of this pandemic. 

I remember after Holi breaks, I looked up to those assignments that got to be completed to achieve good marks for maintaining SGPA and thought to study seriously for internals like class tests of schools. But it all doomed, I looked up those college campus drives, which was scheduled months back but with time, first, it got postponed and never happens now.

I feel Unhappy that I wanted to enjoy every last college placement drive-in conference room with my Coordinators and juniors, I wished to bid goodbye to my E-cell, without its corporate relations department, I would have never become a part of the corporate world.

I wish this pandemic wouldn’t have stolen the madness and enjoyment of Last College fest- Tatva, which I promised myself to go in like crossroads- the annual fest of SRCC, Mecca- the Hindu annual college fest.

I remember 6th March 2020, where I was sitting alone near Enactus wall and wondering how to thank this college for making me who I am today? Looking at corridors and thinking how many people I used to come across and with each, there was different emotion, will I ever get to meet those people after I leave this place? It gives me immense happiness that It was the best decision I made till today choosing this college above 60+ colleges of Delhi University

I didn’t know, I will never be able to bid goodbye to this college as I wanted.


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