PG living:The Harsh Realities of the dream life


In today's world, there comes a time in almost everybody's life when one has to leave his/her home for either pursuing studies or to earn a living. For many, it comes when they complete their school education and start taking higher education in college. Students come from every part of the world to begin their higher education in esteemed colleges and universities, which are generally situated in big cities. It has been observed that living as a paying guest is the option chosen by most of the migrant students in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, and small towns having big universities. The area surrounding universities like DU, IITs, JNU, etc. are very often found to be covered by houses welcoming paying guests.

When a student lives in a PG, he/she pays an amount as rent to the landlord and makes an agreement of living in their property for tenure like 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. There are a few sizes and standards of rooms available in almost all areas around universities depending on the amount of rent. Students are generally provided with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, a table, and a small balcony. A room is often shared by two-three mates. Food in most cases is ordered from outside as many businesses run around the PGs for serving meals to students. Although some PGs provide the kitchen facility, the majority of times, students prefer not to cook. Roommates gradually become family members and everything among them is shared like a family.

Appetite is a big issue for students living in a PG. If you get high nutrition traditional food at a reasonable price, you are the luckiest. Hygiene is another major concern which most PGs. Some PGs are moderately clean but many are filthy. Bathrooms and kitchen are generally unclean with low levels of hygiene.