Photography 101


The word 'photography’ literally means “drawing with light”. It’s an art, science and practice of creating durable images. It’s a way of observing, absorbing and forever storing a moment. We capture images to cherish our fun, happy, pleasure and joyful moments later in the future and to share with others.

There can be many aspects of photography. Positioning is one of them, about which we would mention in detail, specifically about positioning the camera and yourself in such a way in order to get flattering pictures. How and where the camera is positioned as well as the posture of a person determines how a person will appear in the photograph. Taking photographs of ourselves is a way to express our mood and capture a moment to reminisce about it later. But it’s frustrating if we don’t look in pictures the way we want to.

So here are some of the ways to get those perfect pictures:

1. Use a proper angle: If you are asking someone to take your photo, ask him/her to take a photo angled up to avoid double chin. If the camera is below chin line, then you will have a double-chin in the photo. A straight-on shot is much more flattering and taking the photo from a little above will make you look even slimmer. You can even lift your tongue up to the roof of your mouth to avoid double chin.

2. Keep the camera away from your face: A selfie, clicked by holding within an arm's length from your face, often makes the nose appear larger than it is. For close up shot, zoom the camera in slightly, hold it far away from you and then crop the photo to give it a look of a close-up. If your camera has a timer, prop it up against something and click that perfect shot. This will improve your photo much more.

3. Avoid direct sunlight for outdoor photos: The sun can cause you to squint which can make your cheeks and jaw line look wider. So try standing with your back to the sun, so you won’t squint much.

4. The way you stand: Whatever your body type may be, stand a little titled sideways to be precise. Place your hand on your hips and tilt your torso slightly backward for a leaner frame. Standing up straight with your shoulders back and chest out makes you look skinnier.

5. Cross your ankles instead of legs: Crossing the ankles helps you lengthen your body and bring attention up to your face.

6. Don’t press your arms to your body: Pressing arms close to your sides make you fuller. Let them hang loose and limp.

7. Ask someone to sit and take your pictures: When someone is taking your pictures, ask him/her to sit and tilt the camera accordingly to take the best shot.

8. Mirror, Mirror on the wall: Some of the most aesthetically pleasing and in-trend are the MIRROR photographs. Stand in front of a full-mirror and hold your camera either adjacent to your face or near your waist for a full shot.

9. Use filters: Experiment with filters to find out which one suits you better. Some of the Snapchat filters which make you look good are-

● Black and white with red lipstick and eye liner
● Black and white with coloured sunglasses
● 50s glam
● I love you fog
● Halo & beam of light
● Scruffy beard and chiselled Jaw line

Follow these simple steps and make the camera fall in love with you. So, go ahead folks, fill your gallery with some really cool clicks.

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