After living with our respective families for so many years, moving in with strangers and making them such a huge part of our daily lives is a task. It starts with finding the right PG and leads to never-ending bathroom conflicts with the PG mates among the many other adjustments one learns to make in the process. While they face problems to physically 'fit in' and get used to a different lifestyle, there is also a change in their mindset and emotional state which can sometimes take a toll over them.

From settling in a new room to settling in a new city, life in a PG gives a real taste of the raw independent life every person aches for. Like everything else in life, this also comes with both; a boon and a bane, and in this case, along with the insane amount of freedom, comes tons of responsibilities. Cooking your food, cleaning your place, and washing your clothes are some of the basic responsibilities one has to take up.

It is funny how people after moving to a new city, find it difficult to rely on mechanical alarms but easily trust their human alarm clock AKA their mothers to wake them up on time for their morning classes. It is a life-changing experience when you don't get to throw tantrums about the kind of food you want to eat and need to settle with whatever is available to you. This is often when people miss the golden days when their mothers cooked them food. There is no food supply chain in the world which compares to the food cooked at home.

Apart from the common problems they face with cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes, there are Subjective conflicts as well. Every person belongs to a different background and hence they face many issues, individually.

People coming from a joint family, miss their siblings, parents, and relatives. It is not easy for them to watch the whole family together in pictures and via video calls while they are hundreds of kilometers away. On the other hand, the people who have lived in a nuclear family find it difficult to share their space. It is even worse for people with no siblings, they have lived as a single child for years, and sharing everything with people they hardly know, is sure to be tough.

Another major issue every person living in PG faces is money management and security. People take undue advantage of these people and try to fool them to get money out of them. They have the special talent of being broke all the time and still managing to survive a whole month, gracefully. These are the people you go to for all kinds of 'jugaads', they will always know a guy who knows a guy who could get your work done.

This issue is at its peak at the end of the month when they only live on Maggie, Wafers, and Chai. Apart from growing into responsible adults, these people gain the most exposure, having the experience of living in different cities. More than anything else, they master the art of making a home for themselves away from their homes.

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