Renting a flat alone vs with roommates


Good or bad every experience matter, both in the end gives you a lesson some are average, some a pretty good. Living with someone and living without someone both needs courage. Living with someone makes you accept the change where living alone makes you change. If I'm standing west, I'll face the east, north and south doesn't play a role here they are on the side that's now living with a roommate and living alone have their pros and cons.

Space: ● “I need more space"- Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Socially. Us humans are buying land on other planets in the universe to live in our way. The same goes for renting a flat, renting a flat alone gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to, whenever you want to but renting with a roommate or roommates doesn't give you the freedom.

Mingle: ● "Human is a social animal"- we always need to communicate with each other. When friends and family come over we need an area for them and when you rent a place with a roomie it gives you more space than renting alone. Get-togethers help in reducing stress, it brings you near to people you love and the communication distracts your mind from problems, sometimes solves the problem as well, and gives you a positive attitude to work it out.

Financial Aspect: ● "A Yogi moves to mountains to get the mental peace", same as that "people have roommates to get the financial peace". - Having a roommate helps in reducing the financial burden, from splitting the rent to splitting the water bill, from splitting the connection bill to splitting the food bill. It provides financial peace at least.

Chores: ● "Ek or Ek Gharrah"- having a roommate helps in distributing the house chores, the duties can be divided into half and all the things can be managed easily and fast but when living alone, one person has to take care of all the house chores which makes it hectic for a person.

Silence: ● "I want to silence"- having a different schedule and different working hours from your roommates, end up in fights and arguments. It's really hard for a human to accept the change and it's harder to cope up with the changes of your roommate when you live together but when you live alone, you don’t have to worry about the silence in the apartment.

Choices: ● "Mah life, Mah rules"- that's really how the society is upgrading itself and when you live with a roommate, you have to respect each other’s choices and sometimes sacrifice because your roommate has different interests. Living alone gives you the freedom to choose and to change things to your liking.

Journey: ● "From a casual hello! To have a long journey"- when you live with someone it creates memories and it creates some moments which you remember for your whole life and tells them about those moments to people, that's how the roommate become a family as we say 'A brother from another mother'. Living alone won't give you this kind of memory.

Opinion: ● "Peanut butter and bread" or "Paratha and butter"- fights happen, conversation heats up, and the environment gets tensed. When two people want different things and have a different opinion towards different scenarios, it's hard for them to get along. Living alone will help you not to end up in any of these situations but it's also true that sometimes true friendship starts on a bad foot.

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