Roast the Roasters


Dear Roast the Roasters,

When the year-end came around, you were not just a WhatsApp group to us anymore, you have now become a feeling. Naina in YJHD says Kabhi Kabhi Kuch baatein humare yaadon ke kamre ki itni khidkiyaan khol deti hai ki hum dang reh jaate hai. To us, you are that memory which can open these endless windows that have stored within them endless texts, videos, and photos that have made us cry till our eyes were red and laugh till our stomachs ached.

When we became a part of this group it felt as if it’s just a group to wish birthdays and pull each other’s legs, but now you have gone way beyond. I know that you will miss the member who gets on to everybody’s nerves and won’t stop until the president says so! The endless leg-pulling by the seniors, the times when we had sticker wars.

Sticker wars were something that even you wouldn’t have understood. Personalized stickers with humorous text and dialogues on it. You will miss the always online person and the one who wanted to make a separate group (your rival group) for just the active members.

The conversations that begun with playing ludo midnight and ended up doing what we always do and that is my friend nothing. The conversions with doubts among who is dating who were the ones that made us a family.

The 3:00 AM conversations, nahi bhooloonga main jab tak hai jaan! Jab tak hai jaan!

You have made us familiar with the little children inside every professional senior. This time won’t come back, but this letter will always remind you of  The founders of roast the roasters!

All the members of  this group will know what to order whenever we go out to eat and that is:

one mc chicken, one mc puff! one mc chicken and one mc puff!

you know what Naina in YJHD was right about one more thing that yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai  khola toh sirf ek tukra nahi kha pauge, this letter has brought a whole bunch of memories in front of us. We love you Roast the Roasters.

Cheers! to the best seniors and the ultimate WhatsApp group!

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