S:1 E:4 "The one where we had one of the most memorable trip"


Hi, I’m Unnati Gupta, a final year B.com(hons.) student from Hindu college.

Life at DU is definitely more than what I had anticipated while I was applying here. In the first year, mostly everyone (especially the outstation one's) are like a cat on a hot tin roof wondering who are they gonna meet, how will they make friends, how will the professors be and a lot of other things.

Even I experienced the same. I still remember the people with whom I sat with on my first day of college and they’re still my friends and later I met a lot of people and believe me you're gonna meet some really precious people who'll further become really important to you

- In the first year, students are worried about their grades and how are they gonna score in their exams but believe me life in college is more of 'FUNDY' (a word invented by me) which means complete fun plus a small part of studies. Like Naina in YJHD, sooner or later you'll definitely realize that apart from studies having fun and meeting new people is important in your life as well.

- Talking about YJHD, I remember one of the trips that we made to Lansdowne. It was such a beautiful and sudden trip for five of us (including Deepam, Rajat, Bharat and Anshul) and I was the only girl there and not once did I feel that. I was so comfortable with them that I really never felt awkward. I remember I was at their flat and it was really sudden, out of nowhere it was 2 in the morning and we decided to go on a trip, we just booked the car, we didn't even know where to, I went to my hostel, grabbed my essentials and there we were heading to (ah, we didn't know that till then) and at last on our way we decided our destination. I remember how our zoom car broke down twice during the trip but the excitement and the sans souci feeling not even once impeded our trip. That trip was really special and memorable which cannot be forgotten.

Later, in our final year, Mecca (college fest) and farewell were the only things we were excited about but unfortunately the worst happened with our batch (Corona, you know). But I would say my college life was tremendous. I met some really great people along the way who will always be a part of my life. I have become a new person and I definitely love the change.