Satya Niketan!! Those days I can never forget, how I managed to spend one month in Satya. Isn't the name classy?? It seems !! But don't judge it by its name else you will have to suffer. All the memories are recreated,there is so much to talk about it. The place is no less than a fun spot.

Satya Niketan is a wishlist for many students. I laugh at this because I fall in the same category. All your dreams evaporate when you start analyzing the situation. But I never understand why people boast about it so much.

Anyway, Satya Niketan falls in South Delhi. It shares its boundaries with Anand Niketan and many other posh areas. The place is mostly occupied by PGs. Indeed, you are bound to meet students from a diverse background and that's quite beautiful. Sometimes because of a variety of options, one gets confused with the choice of PGs. But let me be honest, the pg's are not at all good at infrastructure except a very few. But yes, they are of all kinds, from highly furnished in good locality to poorly maintained in congested areas. They range from 8k with no upper limit. Since its close to colleges like Venkateshwara, ARSD, Maitreyi, Jesus & Mary and Ram Lal, students are bound to stay there. Also, there is a very prestigious school in Satya. If you wish to stay there, let me pass a little secret to you. If you look at sideways and walk, you are probably going to fall in the pit, which covers most part of the roads. I still remember how a boy turned black from white, like the litmus when he became a victim of pits. The place is very congested. The roads are unhygienic. You have to be extra careful on the roads. You never know when your clothes turn dirty.

Nevertheless, apart from cons, it has some pros also. The place is very safe and active 24×7. Somewhere or the other you'll find students chirping around. Indeed they are busy with themselves but having someone's presence around lowers your fear. Metro is at a walking distance. Autos are easily available at feasible rates. The night life is so beautiful that it is capable of making non saty-ites jealous.

This is the best place if you are a food lover. There is no limit to the cafes. Every other building has atleast 3-4 cafes. It is really appreciable how they have utilized small areas to come out with the best of facilities. Most of the students love to visit here from other parts of Delhi and give a taste to their buds. Few cafes to name are Big Yellow Door, Crazy Kitchen, Pipeline and CCD. The interiors are very well maintained. In short, there are ample of cafes.

There are embassies in front of Satya. It's like a mini city where you get everything. There is a market by the name SQUARE MARKET where access to stationery and other basic items is a mere deal of few minutes. Gyms, medical stores, pathology labs are easily available with friendly staff and excellent facilities. It's just that you don't need to step out of Satya for anything. Everything is within your reach.

ATMs have a different story. You'll get tired of counting the number of ATMs present here but the count for the well functioning ones will end before even starting. Though funny but true. But don't worry, some or the other ATM is for sure going to help you.

This place is a setback for nature lovers. There is not much greenery and as far as I can recall, just 1 park where most of the students prevail. There might be more smaller ones but this one is on demand.

In the end, I can say is that have a look at this place and then according to your pocket & demand, choose a place to dwell. Delhi is a big city mere dost! Looking for a PG near Satyaniketan? Visit houseitt.in
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