Second Home Unwinded : Letter to my Campus Home


1. An Open Letter to my Terrace:

A sip of Coffee with a Plate of Maggi. Sounds a weird combination?

I thought so too when entered this building as a stranger, not knowing a single person in the city. Those glasses of coffee and plates of Maggi at 3 A.M. with my roomies made me forget that I was new there. Those nights on the Terrace with them, ordering and eating pizzas, burgers, and of course, a bottle of Coke which was a mandatory purchase from 24*7. These times together were not just about food and snacks but the memories that we made together.

Sharing stories of schools, hometowns, and of course our crushes, I remember that whenever my friend had an exam the next day I would always force him to company me for coffee but lock my room and balcony whenever I had an exam. That is our bond and our love! Those days and nights are some that I sorely miss. We met as strangers, but now we are there for each other always, as a family! This place and our terrace feel so much like home as we fight, beat each, play around and have fun. Yes, you can find a home away from home and a new family in your friends, and make memories that are truly special with your second family.



2. An Open Letter to my Balcony:

I’ve spent countless hours on my balcony. If there is one place that has the most memories and I spend the most time at, this is it. It is my go-to place in the morning when I wake up and step out to feel the morning sun or take in the new day, or the evening when I watch the beautiful sunset as I unwind and read a book. Listening to music or mid-night conversations, my balcony is the place to be.

This is a place where I come when I want to forget my loneliness or sometimes when I want to be alone. My special safe space where I can feel comfortable and work or relax. Whether it is alone or with friends, my balcony feels like a getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle of the streets below and has witnessed me in all my moods. My balcony is my companion in my home away from home and this place has seen me grow with the passing weeks and months that I have lived there. Whatever the time or whatever it is I need, I know that I will always have an escape. My balcony.



3. An Open Letter to my Room:

My room is my favourite place in the city. Sure the city is filled with so many things to see and do, but at the end of each day, I’m still happy to come back to my room. I live alone, and while that may seem to be boring to some, I am used to it and love the freedom and peace of mind of living lone.

In my room I can do what I want, whether it be bingeing shows, listening to music or singing out loud, it gives me a place to feel at home, away from everyone. The feeling of being safe and free from anyone to bother or judge you makes this place special. All the memories that I have, just being myself and doing what I like without worrying about anyone being disturbed is the best feeling. Whether it is long days alone, reading and writing or calling friends over, my room is my second home in an unfamiliar city that I have gradually learnt to love.



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