SGTB Khalsa College: Rumours, Stereotypes and Generalizations.


After days of toil and countless nights of burning midnights' oil, one qualifies to score a high percentage in the 12th boards. For the reputation that Delhi University holds, this prestigious University becomes the go to destination for higher studies, for thousands of young scholars, who successfully clear the skyrocketing cuttoffs.

But clearing a cuttoff for a particular college, is what it takes for a student to make a decision to choose a particular college? Surprisingly, the answer is no. The interconnected world we live in has made our lives easy, but at the same time also; subjects a student to rumours (which appear like facts), stereotypes (which are the driving force of thoughts of many) and persisting generalizations (which makes it difficult to understand what's right and what just seems to be right).

During my admissions, I was a victim of all the three, as I had to make a decision to choose SGTB Khalsa College as a student belonging from the unreserved category.

SGTB Khalsa College is one of the top ranked colleges of University of Delhi and is well under the periphery of the much aspirational North Campus. A cherry on top is the fact that the classes are air-conditioned and the infrastructure of the college is fairly decent.

As a student belonging from the general category, I was perplexed while tackling the conflict of choice of taking admission in this college because 50 percent of the total seats are reserved for the sikh community.

Questions like, “Will I feel left out?", "Will there be a cultural bias?", "Will I be able to adapt to the culture of this college?", haunted me during my days of admission ( and I know, I am not the only one) as people still hold a very stereotypical approach; when it comes to a college which reserves a portion of the total number of seats for a particular community. When I flip back through the days, what I could realise is just the impact of rumours, stereotypes and generalisations on our decisions.

Thankfully, I took this path to explore how true these rumours and stereotypes hold. And this journey at SGTB Khalsa hasn't been as these rumours make a student feel it is.
Apparently, the reason behind the questions which disturbed me during my time of admission were a result of mob mentality and the stigma attached around such an institution.

As a student from an unreserved category at SGTB Khalsa College, I never felt left out, neither did I find it difficult to get accustomed to the culture of the college, guys in turbans around never really made any difference (as those stereotypes had made me feel it would), rather those turbans always added a charm and vibrance which I don't think, I will be able to experience anywhere else.

The journey from school to college is of learning and unlearning a lot many things. Unlike school, in college the approach isn't to be favourite of everyone, rather its more about finding your niche and people of your vibe. Petty cultural differences are magnified with stereotypes and rumours around, thus, its a good idea to introspect and retrospect for making an informed choice with a self-centric approach and having an aim to be a better version of yourself than yesterday!

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