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Work-life is like a game of snake and ladder. There are ups and there are downs, there’s competition and there’s coordination. There’s luck and there’s strategy. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s boring.

We spend an average of 90,000 hours working in our lifetime. Mind=blown, right? Getting out of bed and to the office by nine in the morning. Staying until clock ticks five. Five days a week. With two rest days. Then back at it again. Every week, working like robots. It’s an achievement in itself and you should probably mention this on your LinkedIn profile, but take a step back and think ‘do I really enjoy it?’, ‘Am I growing?’, ‘Am I learning?’, ‘Or am I doing it just for my monthly package?’. You’ll get your answers. That is exactly why it is important we should choose the work that we enjoy, in such a work environment that brings us happiness and helps us grow and this is also the reason I chose to work with a StartUp. I'm Srishti Katyanan and I've been working with HouseItt, an Accommodation StartUp since 2 months.

StartUp companies comprise of passionate, creative, innovative employees who have that inner drive to do something, to think out of the box. The office air is full of enthusiasm and energy that even a lazy sloth would get up and start working. The modern world has led us to believe that working in a StartUp is very cool, yes it is. But when I joined one, I realised it requires blood and sweat too. It’s not always sitting in a yellow colourful office, playing foosball, casual clothes, or free snacks, it’s a lot more. It’s working in odd hours, brainstorming to a point of exhaustion. But believe me when I say this that it’s all worth in the end. It’s worth the experience that it provides you, the growth that you’ll see in yourself.

Start-up is a place where you can work on your existing skills as well as gain new skills. Since the team is a nuclear family, you get to put many hats and learn new things. Start-up is a perfect place for your personal growth where you’re given a chance to do things by yourself rather than sitting and waiting for your boss’ orders. It not only recognises or values your work but also gives you a sense of self-accomplishment and satisfaction. You get to reap the rewards of your personal efforts. The work environment mostly cool and casual which allows everyone to speak and put forward their ideas.

So, working with a startup too is like a snake and ladder game, but much more exciting. You learn to build your own ladders and find ways to skip the snakes. Starting from 1 to reach to 100 is an exciting journey. You become independent, flexible, resilient, and jugaadu. A StartUp not only helps you grow professionally but personally as well.

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