Student ideology on “What they look for, when they look for a place to live”?

“Where do you stay?” Most of the students get this question when they say they are new to the place. This question follows a flood of suggestions from peers, professors , seniors and even the watchman! But this question should actually be followed by another simple question, “ where do you want to stay?”

With the diverse range of students a university caters to , there is definitely a range of options students would consider while choosing where to put up while in college life.

1.The community lovers: Students in this category usually prefer living in a hostel (on campus or off campus).They don’t mind living with a set list of rules and having fun in a community. They also enjoy community eating and outing which supplies them with ample of opportunities to mingle with people.

2. The game of sneakouts ft. PG aunty/uncle: Students in this category prefer to live in PGs. They are fine following the rules but often would want to sneak out for night outs. They want to live without a lot of guard upon them but not completely want to live the grocery shopping life. They will only care to get friends in, only when PG aunty is not around.

3.The “I am, because Wi-Fi is”: Students in this category are fine living typically anywhere be it a hostel, PG or a flat. All they need is a good Wi-Fi. Though internet services are required by all the students but for these students - Weekend is incomplete without Netflix and chill.

4.The “How I met my Roommate”: All these students want is a good company to live with. They may usually change lots of flats , PGs or hostel until they feel that the person sharing their space would be tolerable.

5.The Early Lectures Theory: Students in this category are the ones that are likely to run short in attendance because of the distance they have to cover to get to college after getting up late. All they need is a place closest to the college. They may choose on campus hostel or the nearest PG for the same reason.

6.The YJHD/Dil Chahta Hai 2.0: There are certainly people who choose to live in a flat with their own rules. They just don’t want to be answerable to anyone for anything. They are the kings or queens of their own castle ( however messy it be). They choose to live crazily on their own. They also don’t mind casual grocery shopping (#adulting gradually).

7.The Koala Fantasy: They just want a comfortable lodging to eat and sleep. They prioritize comfort over anything and everything. They may secretly covet a cozy bed in all the life situations.

8.Tu Janta Hai Mera Baap Kon hai: The students in this category are ready to spend extravagantly on their stay. They are therefore very particular about the facilities and amenities they want in a particular place.

However choosing a place to stay while in college is sure a tedious but fun process. All the above categories have their perks and experiments to be done everyday. Think about the category you fall in or if you belong to a third world category!

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