Students 2.0: A ‘new normal’ needed for the country


COVID-19 crisis has disrupted our lives in more than many ways possible. It has shaken the spines of people in fear, anxiety, speculations and much more.Still and all, change has always been the fundamental principle of life. The concept of 'new normal' seems to be prevailing at quite a fast pace. The theme has not only incorporated all the aggregates of big institutions and corporates switching from office residencies to working from home, but has also produced far reaching repercussions in terms of the individual efforts & activities.

Students have always played a pivotal role in shaping an economy from its core. In the wake of this pandemic, it seems absolutely necessary for all of us to contribute whatever we can, in our individual capacities.

There are lots of baby steps which all of us being students can take to save the economy from the waves of crisis pounding at our doors right now. Becoming self-dependent in terms of not only the finances, but also by taking charge for our own responsibilities, we can do our bit. 

(From helping the parents in their daily chores to simply cleaning one's own room could be a very basic intiative.)

Students as a section of the society contributes substantially to the consumption pattern of an economy. Mending our preferences and choices and making them more inclusive towards Indian and home-made products & services instead of the Chinese ones could work. The way many student bodies in DU promote ethnic wear during fests and other events exemplifies the charm. 'Khaadi' apparels are, definitely, a novel way to exhibit the aesthetics wreathed in the aura of Indian culture.

Adopting herbal and other Indian products for daily care and use symbolises how we can promote the traditional 'Made in India' campaigns. Enriched in the pristine color for preserving health in today's testing times, one can find boon in 'Ayurveda'. A perfect amalgamation of various natural elements and their sanctity, it could provide a remedial solution for various medical and other health related issues.

Learning new skills and tapping the reservoir of knowledge might help in initiating alternative sources of income. Many students can help their parents by conducting online tuition classes or taking a lead in whatever they feel is right for them (For instance, recently some of the management students have been conducting various case interview preparation & other useful workshops on career progression).

Developing your hobbies at this point of time will not only render inner peace, but shall also be a source for redemption. Blog writing, painting, dancing, leveraging your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter etcetera for intellectual & personal growth shall sustain the rightful mode.

Doing some technical and/or data analytics online courses like SQL, Tableau, R, Python, Photoshop etc. along with various virtual & work from home internships (just like the ones being offered by HouseItt & many other ventures) can definitely help in making the learning curve more steep.

Active participation in social services and charity projects (just like those conducted by Leo Club, UOD & NSS) is the need of the hour. It will not only help the students in developing better life skills, but will also provide some kind of relief to the needy fellows during the crisis. Serving food and necessary sanitization material to the underprivileged section, feeding stray animals and planting more & more trees constitute the fundamental elements for spreading happiness and a ray of positivity showing light.

In a nutshell, taking all the necessary precautions, exercising and meditating regularly for an improved immunity and a will power to take a step forward can craft a healthy paradigm shift.
A little care can do the magic!

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